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Eastern Europe

Japan Southern Islands tour
For 10 dazed days, road-raced the two islands of Kyushu and Shikoku. The terrain was mountainous but the roads were superb, the cars polite and the hosprings welcoming. Meet inumerable local riders, ladies, shop-owners and children, each more friendly than the last. They have become my Japanese family, and inspiration for a quick return, to the carefree biker's life in Japan. (Joseph Reinhart, Apr, 2003)

BIKE Russia '97!
Mountain biking Lutheran missionary team, went from village to village in Karelia with help from Petrozavodsk Bicycle Travel Club, Karelain Militia (police) bike unit and ICCC. Partners included my 25 year old daughter and a 73 year old woman from our church. Have got to go back! (Hans Erdman, Jul, 1997)

Vienna to Trieste
We departed Vienna on September 8, 2005 and rode south for 4 days through Hungary, then turned west and rode across Slovenia to Trieste. (Larry Murphy, Sep, 2004)

Copenhagen, Denmark to Germersheim, Germany 2008
Trip through Denmark and Germany to attend the 2008 SPEZI bike show. (Jimm Pratt, Apr, 2008)

Golden Ring of Russia
The most famous tour route in the heart of Russia (Vladimir Filippov, Jul, 2004)

From Warsaw, Poland, crossing the Beskidi Niski Mountains to northern Slovakia and back to Poland (Luis Belmonte Díaz, Aug, 2008)

Prague To Vienna
Starting in Prague, we rode south toward the border of Germany and Austria and stayed in small towns along the way: Benesov, Sedlec Prcice, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov, Trebon, Slavonice and Vranov before crossing the border and cycling into Northern Austria and finding the Danube bike trail into Vienna. The country is made for cycling with very few cars on the country roads. It's well signposted and also has many beautiful villages and attractions in a small area. The terrain is undulating with no major hills to speak of in Bohemia and Moravia regions. (Briand Beausoleil, Jul, 2000)

Russia by bicycle
A story about a small cycling trip in a large country (Herman Veldhuizen, Jul, 2004)

Photo by Dennis Coello