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Central America

Mexico to Peru
Cycling 5,386km from Mexico to Peru for Mind Mental Health Charity (Roberto Sordillo, Mar, 2014)

Cuba by Friday
2.5 month fully loaded amble through Cuba (Lynette Chiang, Dec, 1999)

Nicaragua/Costa Rica for Beginners
Nice 1 month loop through Southern Nicaragua and Northern Costa Rica (Lynette Chiang, Apr, 1999)

Yucatan by Friday
7-week tour of Chiapas and the Yucatan, Mexico, on a Bike Friday folding bicycle (Lynette Chiang, Dec, 2003)

Back in the World
Part 1 of our world tour, covering North, Central, and South America. (Rick Galezowski, Jun, 2001)

Pedal For The People
San Diego California to Tierra Del Fuego. (John Ellis, Oct, 2005)

Central Mexico
From Guadalajara through much of Michoacan; eventually dropped down to the coast at Acapulco (Randy Fay, Feb, 2003)

Costa Rica 2005
A quick 10-day trip to Costa Rica for cycling. (Randy Fay, Jan, 2004)

Photo by Dennis Coello