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Atlantic Coast

Airwick out of Carolina
A Jack Russell's view of a bicycle trip from Washington DC, Virginia, Outer Banks of North Carolina and home through South Carolina (Hank Raines, Aug, 2004)

Atlantic Coast Tour
Explore the history and terrain of the Atlantic seacoast while cycling along the beaches and coastal roads. Provide lifetime experiences for youth ages 14-20. (Arlen Hall, Aug, 2004)

A Winter Tour: From Upstate NY to Washington DC
I started in December on a global tour. I was going to document the experience with an emphasis on exploring the geology, culture, human infrastructure, and other broad influences that shape an environment. After, two months, I realized that I wasn't quite prepared to form a comprehensive analysis of my observations. (Chris Bemis, Dec, 2006)

Atlantic Bike Tour
My girlfriend and I rode from Bar Harbor to Kitty Hawk, meeting old friends and enjoying the best of local agriculture along the way. (Kevin Miner, Sep, 2010)

East Coast Ride
My first attempt at loaded touring. I had never even ridden this many days in a row, especially with panniers. (Philip Gerding, May, 1999)

Atlantic Coast
We ride a Co-Motion tandem that we can take apart and put in 2 suitcases and check as normal luggage. It's proven to be a fantastic bike. We plan to do the entire Atlantic coast in 2 segmants. This was a great time of the year to do this section. We had wonderful weather. (Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm, Feb, 2008)

East Coast Sections
I am riding the perimeter of the US in sections (Philip Gerding, May, 1999)

EAst Caost Part two
I am riding the perimeter of the US in sections (Philip Gerding, Jun, 2004)

Retirement Road Trip !
After a 731 mi. trip around Michigan I headed down the Atlantic coast and into Florida in the fall of the year. (Paul Orsick, Sep, 2009)

Delmarva Peninsula
Explored the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) and then crossed Chesapeake Bay to meet my parents in Fredericksburg, Virginia. (Michael McGrath, Sep, 2009)

For a long time Joe and I had planned to do a tour. We waited until our youngest graduated from High School and then we took off the following September. We did alot of planning and it paid off. This was a very special trip for us that has memories that will last a lifetime. (Karen & Joe Perry, Sep, 2007)

Atlantic Coast 2012
I rode my bicycle from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME along the Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route from 5-25-12 to 7-2-12. My wife supported me by driving all. (Jeff Bradley, May, 2012)


Road Bike Tour 2005 (Georgia to Florida)
February 12 - March 4 of 2005 I rode my road bike from Savannah, Georgia to Key West, Florida (East Coast) and from Venice, Florida to Fort White, Florida (West Coast). I spent 3 weeks riding my bike. (billy blohm, Feb, 2005)

A trip delayed
(Bill H, Jun, 2008)

Finetastic Adventure 2012
My husband and I rode from Key West to DC, then followed the C&O and GAP trails to Pittsburgh. From Detroit we rode home to Milwaukee. (Marti Fine, Mar, 2012)

Haiti Awareness Bike Tour 2005
A ride from Bangor, Maine to "Little Haiti", Miami, Florida to raise awareness and funds to help the people of Haiti. (Jim Evans, Sep, 2004)

Atlantic Coast Route
On April 29th, 2012 I departed from Philadlephia, PA and rode the Atlantic Coast Route to Key West, FL. The trip took 35 days. (spencer holm, Apr, 2012)

Atlantic Coast Tour 2004
My ride took me from Massachusetts to Florida, traversing 10 states and the District of Columbia. It took 43 days to travel 2459 miles. Traveled solo self-supported using AC Atlantic Coast maps. Departed Sep. 10th, and had perfect weather. Camped 32 nights. Photos at http://home.nycap.rr.com/kwkster (Ken Kulig, Sep, 2004)

Around Florida
Up the US east coast from Fort Lauderdale to St Augustine, Ocala and Oralndo, to Tampa and Fort Myers, ferry to Key West, US1 back to Fort Lauderdale (Dave Rens, Nov, 2015)

Mexican Border to Labrador, Canada
I rode from Boca Chica, TX,at the mouth of the Rio Grande, to Red Bay, Labrador, which is the most northerly stretch of tar road in eastern North America, via the US Midwest, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland. The trip took 100 days and covered 6300 miles. (John Berry, May, 2004)

Ocean fun and colonial history in North Carolina and Virginia
Traveled the coast of North Carolina and the tidewater region of Virginia on a tandem bicycle, while towing our 2 small children in a trailer. (Michael McGrath, Jun, 2008)

The D.R.E.A.M. Ride - The NorthEast Route
The D.R.E.A.M. Ride is a non-profit, bicycle ride created to raise funds for 6 international humanitarian organizations combatting global poverty. This is our 2nd year. Please visit our website: www.dream-ride.org for more info about our D.R.E.A.M.. (Chris Wells, Aug, 2007)

Truckin' By Bike, 2014
This was my second U.S. long distance trip. A "magical journey," due to the people you meet along the way. It doesn't get better than life on a bike! (Robert Stohner, Mar, 2014)

Southeastern Pennsylvania
We went from Trenton, NJ through Philadelphia and picked up the AC route. We followed that to Columbia, PA, and returned via BikePA Rt. S. We took the AC route from Norrisville north to return via the NYC Spur. (David de Gruyl, May, 2005)

Riding Coastal Maine
A tour along the coast of Maine, 300 miles from Cape Neddick to Bar Harbor. (John LUCANERA, Sep, 2011)

Biking For Heroes
I am waiting for the maps I have ordered with you! But it should be all the way up the East coast. I am riding a 1930 pedal delivery bike, weighting approx. 250 pounds. You can find more on my web site at www.thebabalues.com. (Franklin Van Reem, May, 2004)

Darren Alff's 2003 East Coast Bicycle Tour
For my third long distance bike tour, I set my sights on the east coast of the United States... an area that this southern California native was completely unfamiliar with. Riding from Raleigh, North Carolina to Portland, Maine took 45 days to complete. In that time I met a vast array of kindhearted people, saw a number of small and large cities, and had enough experiences to last a lifetime. This tour ended up being my favorite tour ever! To view the photos and description of this tour, check out my website at http://www.bicycletouringpro.com/articles/2003tour-nc2me.htm. If you want advice planning your tour, please contact me. I'd be more than happy to help! (Darren Alff, Jul, 2003)

Terri Ann RIDE for a Cure
The non-profit group, Terri Ann for a Cure (TAFC), is hosting this inaugural event. Paul Haigh (TAFC President) and his son Paul Jr., along with 18 other bicyclists, will ride from Florida to NJ using the ACA Atlantic Coast Bike Route; to raise awareness and help fund brain cancer (GBM) research. (Edward Bordi, Jul, 2005)

Lake Champlain Loop
My husband and I did this inn-to-inn loop around the northern part of Lake Champlain, returning via the Island Trail using the (seasonal) bike ferry. (Terri Miyamoto, Aug, 2006)

Pelican Ride 2013
Awareness Ride for Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and the National Wildlife Refuge System. We are celebrating the 110th Birthday of both. This ride will be 14 days long (Mike Beck, Mar, 2013)

Philly to Maine
Taking 2.5 weeks to ride to Maine Via Millbrook NY. (David Neal, Jul, 2005)

NY-ME mobile blog
(David Neal, Aug, 2005)

Atlantic Coast map 3 & 4
We made a roundtrip from Washington DC to Outer Banks, NC. Via Ocracoke, Swanquarter and Washington NC back to Washington DC. (Johan de Groot, May, 2017)

No Way So Hey
Irma had hit the keys hard. Jose was coming. I decided that I'd ride to Key West anyway. When my son was a toddler he'd say No Way So Hey (instead of Jose), so that's what I named the tour. (Search my blog site for "No Way So Hey" and you'll find my tale.) I rode alone and unsupported. (John Pickett, Sep, 2017)

From Boston to Bar Harbor
The East Coast is not as easy to ride as it seems to be. The coastal road is pretty busy, the back roads are not very exciting. Most parts of the coast are private ground. There are some very steep climbs. So – getting the nuggets (there are plenty of them) is hard work ;-) (Gerhard Illig, Aug, 2014)

Photo by Dennis Coello