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South India--Cycling Among Gods and Goddesses
From the historic city of Cochin in Kerala, I followed the coastal plain around to Tamil Nadu and finished at Chennai (Madras), visiting people and many temples and ancient monuments along the way. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2006)

Cambodia--A Swing Through the South
This leisurely ride looped through Battambang, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Koh Kong, then back to Thailand (Bill Weir, Dec, 2006)

Bangkok to Chengdu--An Amazing Ride from the Tropics to the Himalaya
This ride in Thailand, Laos, and China covered an incredible variety of terrain, climate, and cultures from Thailand's steamy Bangkok to China's Himalayan glaciers. (Bill Weir, Dec, 2004)

The first MTB enduro in the Indian Himalaya would be flagged off from Shimla on October 6th and Finish at Manali on 13th October. Visit the essential Himalayan Backcountry, ride singletracks and great downhills all for a fees of $100. Visit www.mtbhimachal.com (Dhananjay Ahluwalia, Oct, 2005)

Kathmandu Pokhara Mountain Bike Tour
Offers mountain bike tour, downhill biking, biking trails in kathmandu, pokhara, annapurna, jomsom, tilicho, cycling trips, cycling company listing, adventure package tour, picture, tours in Nepal, tibet, bhutan and india. (Kulendra Baral, Apr, 2008)

Lhasa - Kathmandu MTB Tour
Lhasa - Kathmandu MTB Tour (Mohan Lamsal, Apr, 2006)

Vagabonding on the Roof of the World
Cycling Adventure in the Mountains & Valleys of Northern India, Pakistan, Western China, Tibet and Nepal. (Rich Drogpa, Jul, 2006)

Around, Between, and Connecting the Philippine Islands
The longest solo and unsupported epic bicycle adventure in the Philippines covering 17 regions, 77 provinces, more than 100 cities, and over 1,000 municipalities. (Gilbert Dizon, Sep, 2010)

A Thai Adventure on Bikes 2006
A self-contained, self-guided tour of Thailand lasting five weeks. We started in Phuket and headed north up the eastern coast stopping in many small fishing villages and rural areas. Took the train around BKK and rode north to golden triangle. (Ross & Jean Guldenbrein/Lyon, Oct, 2006)

To China on Two Wheels
England - France - Germany - Czech/Slovakia - Ukraine - Russia - Urals - Siberia - Mongolia - China (Edward Genochio, Feb, 2002)

a long journey to kalimantan
(Firdaus Muhammad, Dec, 2009)

Cycling Holland to Asia
5 years journey from Holland to Asia, spend a year in India and 2 years innChina (peter vanderlans, Jun, 2000)

In 2001, Russell McGilton cycled from Bombay to Beijing by bicycle. During the trip he got cerebral malaria, ended up in a nuclear test site, chased by packs of wild dogs and rhinos, and lastly, was caught a little too near to Afghanistan during September 11. (Russell McGilton, Jan, 2001)

Totally Knackered
A six-month journey across Europe and Central Asia (Tim Barnes, Mar, 2006)

All about bike travel
Take a look at our adventure! Hong Kong to Goa for the millennium, via Tibet and the illegal route from Yunnan to Lhasa. See the pictures, read the adventures and find out how to do it yourself. (Hakan ben, Feb, 1999)

Bike Hokkaido
July 2003. 2,800 mile, 35 day loop around Japan's Northern-most island Hokkaido. (George Makrinos, Jul, 2003)

Mountain & Bike
A self-contained and self-guided expedition style mountain bike tour with the aim to reach unclimbed 6000 meter high mountains on the Tibetan Plateau. 700 km riding without roads, 25 days without any possibility of support, 21 days above 5000 m altitude (Waltraud Schulze, Sep, 2007)

Saigon, Vietnam to Beijing, China
This was possibly one of the worst travelling experiences of my life, at least the Vietnam half. China was much better. (Alexander Winant, May, 2005)

Mountainbike Expedition Mongolia
A round trip through Mongolia around the Changai Mountain Range; It was a true back-country tour - although we traveled on so-called main roads, there were times we did not encounter another person for days. Navigation can be tricky, Nomads are very friendly + helpful, western type food hard to get. (Waltraud Schulze, Aug, 1996)

A Honeymoon to remember
A 12,000 mile ride across Asia, the Stans, Greece, Croatia and eastern Europe (Erin Barkley, Aug, 2008)

Asian Journey
From the Mekong River in NE Thailand, I headed north through Laos and Vietnam, then entered China and gradually climbed onto the Tibetan Plateau. Lastly I rode in the far west of India, mostly in Gujarat State. (Bill Weir, Feb, 2010)

Volcano Ride: Kamchatka
There is only one main road on the Kamchatka Peninsula. We rode up to the Volcano Tolbachik, following this road north. Returning to Petropavlovsk, we did two more short rides to Avachinsky Volcano and Mutnovsky Volcano (Waltraud Schulze, Aug, 2002)

Asia Again
A Grand Tour of China, Central Asia, Northeast India, Southeast Asia, China again, and Tibet--ending in Lhasa. (Bill Weir, Feb, 2008)

One Year in Asia
High adventures in the Indian Himalaya, the long ride from Thailand to Central Asia via China, into India's far south, a swing thru Cambodia, then southern Thailand. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2005)

Cycling From Thailand to China
From the immense sprawl of Bangkok on the coastal plain, I rode north through Thailand and Laos to China, then continued north into the icy peaks of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau, finally ending four months later in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. (Bill Weir, Dec, 2004)

Cycling in the Indian Himalaya
I flew into Leh in Ladakh, a Tibetan region high in the Himalaya, then made my way south--with lots of detours--to the lower Himalaya. (Bill Weir, Aug, 2002)

Cycling in Thailand and Laos
From Bangkok, I rode into northeastern Thailand and on into southern Laos. In Laos, I rode nearly the full length of the country, then reentered Thailand in the north. (Bill Weir, Nov, 2002)

Cycling Pakistan and India
Flew to Skardu in northern Pakistan for a spectacular ride up the Karakoram Highway to the Khunjerab Pass with China, then back to Gilgit. Flew to Lahore and rode into India, then turned south all the way to land's end at Kanyakumari. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2001)

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
6 weeks cycling (mostly solo) in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. (Lynden Costin, Jan, 2004)

Fully supported charity ride from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand to Phuket Island in the south. Great camraderie among the participants and perfect weather during the entire ride made it a memorable and rewarding trip. (JOHN GRAHAM, Dec, 2005)

Impressions from bicycle travels
Visual stories from cycling trips in India, Indonesia and Nepal (Paul Jeurissen, Jan, 1991)

Cycling Abreast
Charity ride from Bangkok to Singapore. (Wendy Chan, Sep, 2002)

14degrees Off The Beaten Track
From Japan to England. 12,000km. 200 days. Solo on a recumbent bicycle. My route will take me through some of the most exciting scenery in central Asia. Includes the first ever solo ride of the Pamir Highway on a recumbent (4600m passes) (Robert Thomson, Jul, 2006)

Under the Blue Sky
Bicycling in Mongolia (Nick Lenzmeier, Apr, 2008)

Lhasa to Kathmandu
Lhasa>shigatse> everest base camp and Kathmandu (Ranjan Rajbhandari, Aug, 2003)

Biking in Indian Himalaya
Transhimalayan ride from Manali to Leh, with excursions to Nubra and Pangong. Most of the ride, some 2700 km, was on elevations above 3000 m. (Per Löwdin, Jul, 1999)

Cycling in South-East Asia
Cycling in South-East Asia, Singapore - Bangkok, Saigon - Hue - Vientienne - Bangkok (Per Löwdin, Jul, 2001)

A Slow Bike To China
We spent eight months riding through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, parts of Cambodia, then through Laos and into Yunnan Province, China. Detailed route maps and stops included in the narrative. Many photos. (Wayne Carpenter, Jan, 2005)

Magical biking in the land of the thunder dragon (bhutan)
We cycled from Paro in the west of Bhutan to Luentshe in the east of the country. The trip took two weeks to complete. (Paul van Roekel, Sep, 2006)

Eastern Promise - A bike ride through Turkey
A solo ride from Istanbul to Trabzon (along the Black Sea Coast) as part of my seven-stage 'Round the World Bike Ride'. (Bill Dodds, Apr, 2007)

Panay Island, Philippines
As part of a three-week trip to Panay Island, I did a 6-day tour around the island and a day ride on Guimaras Island. (Alan Bloom, Sep, 2000)

Indian Himalaya
A great mix of Tibetan and other mountain cultures combined with lonely wilderness. The high-flying ride began in Leh beside the Indus River in Ladakh, headed down the Indus, crossed high passes to remote Zanskar, and returned to Leh. Then the big HILL--the highest road pass in the world (18,300 ft.) over to the Nubra and Shyok Valleys, and back to Leh. Then south across more high passes to Spiti, Kinnaur, and Kullu Valleys. (Bill Weir, Aug, 2002)

Thailand and Laos
From Bangkok, headed to Ubon Ratchatani in northeastern Thailand, then crossed into Laos near Pakse. Rode to the south end of Laos, then all the way to the north end of the country with many stops and detours along the way. Continued into northern Thailand, then took a bus back to Bangkok. (Bill Weir, Nov, 2002)

Pakistan's Karakoram Mountains
Flew into Skardu on the Indus River, rode upriver to the lush garden town of Khaplu, then down the Shyok and Indus Rivers to the Karakoram Highway. Headed up all the way to the pass on the Chinese border, then returned to Gilgit. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2001)

Western, Central, and Southern India
Began with a 2-month tour of the magical land of desert people and camels in Rajasthan state, then southward until running out of subcontinent at the south tip of India. (Bill Weir, Oct, 2001)

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia
Bangkok to Chiang Mai (Thailand) to Vientiene (Laos) to Luang Prabang (Laos) to Dong Ha (Vietnam) to Danag (Vietman). Ho Chi Minh City to Phenom Phen (Cambodia). (Tobin Umland, Jun, 2002)

Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu MTB Tour
We begin with a flight Kathmandu to Lhasa, the starting point of our expedition. We have to cross high passes and descend from the Tibetan Plateau before reaching our final destination, Nepal. (Surendra Lama, Sep, 2006)

MTB HIMACHAL 2006, The Trans Himalayan Challenge. Over 600 kms with an elevation gain of 40000 feet in 10 days. Classic Himalayan Scenery, an adventure a challenge. (Dhananjay Ahluwalia, Oct, 2006)

SangSom Tour de Thailand 2006
An incredible journey from Chiang Mai to Phuket, Thailand. Raise money to help people suffering from Leukemia and see Thailand in an unforgettable manner. (Christopher Byrd, Dec, 2006)

One month cycling trip in Sichuan provence. (Elmar Ellen van Drunen, Oct, 2012)

Indian Himalay
We started in Shimla and rode the Spiti Valley then onwards to Keylong and our final destination: Leh. 5 Passes between 4551 and 5331 meters. (Ellen van der Zwan, Aug, 2007)

Across Tibet west to east
An adventurous bike ride across tibet from west to east. Pictures, journal, touring information (Waltraud Schulze, Mar, 2005)

Kyushu, Japan 2000
Two weeks of self-contained cycling in Kyushu, Japan, bracketed by visits to friends in Matsuyama on the neighboring island of Shikoku. (Lynne Tolman, Sep, 2000)

South East Asia
Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand the total trip was 67 days, with lots of rest days visiting interesting sites, and a week off by the beach in Thailand. (Jacqueline Winter, Jan, 2017)

South Korea - 4 Rivers Route
Incheon (Seoul) to Busan along the 644 km (400 miles) paved cycle route in South Korea. 10 days riding 10 days sight-seeing in Seoul and Busan. (Jacqueline Winter, Apr, 2017)

Indian Himalaya--Sacred Headwaters of the Ganges
This spectacular ride visited temples of the 4 sacred Char Dham sites, where Hindu priests were friendly and welcoming. I had very good weather. Except for the usual landslides, roads were paved; traffic was light. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2005)

Northern Thailand Adventures
The jungle mountains and historic towns of northwestern Thailand attracted me for the natural beauty and culture of the region. (Bill Weir, Dec, 2005)

Northern Laos and Northern Vietnam
The ride started in Luang Prabang after the slow boat trip from Huay Xai, then wound along rivers and across mountains to the new border crossing with Vietnam at Na Meo, then across Vietnam via Halong Bay to China. (Bill Weir, Feb, 2006)

China--End to End
I realized how diverse and big the country is on a 180-day ride that began in the southeast corner, swung to the northwest, then out to the far west. (Bill Weir, Mar, 2006)

Kyrgyzstan--Irkeshtam to Bishkek
Other cyclists had good things to say about Kyrgyzstan, so I was keen to visit this mountainous former Soviet republic. (Bill Weir, Aug, 2006)

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia
Bangkok to Chiang Mai (Thailand) to Vientiene (Laos) to Luang Prabang (Laos) to Dong Ha (Vietnam) to Danag (Vietman). Ho Chi Minh City to Phenom Phen (Cambodia). (TOBIN UMLAND, Jun, 2002)

Photo by Dennis Coello