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Double Vegan Shot of Latin Fixie Expresso
Two vegans on a Central American ultralight bike tour with Fixed Gear Bicycles. Adrian did this tour with only raw vegan food. Deanna, 21, carried a frame pack, handlebar bag and backpack. Adrian used only a seat bag, and aerobar bag to carry all food/gear (Adrian Stingaciu & Deanna Adams, Jul, 2010)

Vermont Green Mountain Loop
Myself and two friends did the ACA Green Mountain Loop (Vermont-Quebec-New Hampshire-New York) from July 1, 2007-July 8 2007. (Mike Schwimmer, Jul, 2007)

2009 cross country tandem ride
My wife Penny and I rode our tandem across the US, unsupported. We did the trip in two parts. Part I was from Colorado Springs to Cape Cod (April 24-June 21). Part II was from Florence, OR to Colorado Springs (July 19-Sept. !). (Steve Koerner, Apr, 2009)

Biking from Whitehorse to Inuvik - A Canadian Arctic Journey
This a description of my cycling trip across the Yukon and the Northwest Territories via the Dempster Highway. url:http://www.geocities.com/fcandido2001/dempster/tripnorth.html (Fernando Candido, Jul, 2003)

Warmer Summers
4,957 miles from Fernandina Beach, Fl. to Astoria, Or. Used southern tier to Underground Railroad to Transam. Went with my brother. Raised over $20,000 for MADD. (Sallie McDonald, Apr, 2011)

One Year By Bicycle
Across the Southern Tier in USA, one lap counterclockwise around Australia, across North Island of New Zealand, through South India (Mike Vermeulen, Mar, 2001)

The Ride to Rio... 10,000 Miles
After doing the transamerican, we've been wanting more... We'll be taking a six month trip starting August 2012, leaving from Los Angeles and finishing ten thousand miles south east in Rio de Janeiro. 2/5th of the way around Earth. (Dominic Smith, Sep, 2011)

Big A 6000 mile trek
A 5 month trek across the west, through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. (Aaron Suhr, Apr, 2009)

Hershey Park Tour
Our 9 day tour for youth ages 13+ began at Hershey Park, PA. We spent the next 8 days cycling the PA, NJ, NY, CT, and MA backroads on our way home. Daily showers at campgrounds, tubing on the Delaware, and a diner breakfast in Canaan, CT were highlights. (Arlen Hall, Aug, 2006)

Pedal to the Sea
A three week bicycle trip from Mid-Michigan to the Atlantic Ocean using the Northern Tier route. (Robert Taylor, Jul, 2010)

Cadence 2010: A Coastal Journey
An amazing bike adventure from San Francisco to Monterey (Evan Geer, Aug, 2010)

Savannah zig zagging to San Diego Jan- Feb 2002
Cold wind ridden great solo trip. I met tigers, buffalo, I saw a cow give birth, I saw a horse die and all the great people I met. I drank beer with Clay Henry III, the mayor goat of Lajitas, TX. I slept with the World Largest collection of rattlesnakes. I partied hard with some American Indians in Bylas, AZ. I can't sing karaoke anymore! I love bike touring! (travis Stowers, Jan, 2002)

Bike 4 Sudan
Virginia to Seattle 2007. We started as a threesome. Ended as a single and duo. Bike got smashed in middle of nowhere (Missouri). But wonderful time & people along the way. 51 days,nNonstop. But not racing. Happy to offer advice. (Craig Sternagel, May, 2007)

Western Desert 2008: Washington to Kansas
I started in southeast Washington, proceeded south through central Oregon and Nevada to the Western Express route at Austin Nevada, then east to the TransAm at Pueblo and on to the Missouri border. (Wayne Joerding, May, 2008)

Mexico 2005: Michoacan
This journal describes a bicycle tour around the highland regions of Michoacan. This area of Mexico is high, lush, and cool during the summer. The people are friendly and the food great. (Wayne Joerding, Jul, 2005)

France - French High Pyrenees and Ariege Pyrenees
Photos, video and written reports from the famous cols in the French Pyrenees (Steven Hill, Sep, 2005)

Bob's River Ride
along the Mississippie River, ACA Great Rivers route, southern half from Muscatine, IA to just outside of Nashville. (Robert Colvin, May, 2009)

(Mother-Son) summer 2012 bike trip across USA. An adventure of a lifetime! Raising funds for Special Olympics of Lancaster County, PA. (Bonnie Matthews, Jun, 2012)

Washington Parks Section 2
See title (Peter Jack, Oct, 2009)

Bicycle Geography
We are traveling the world by bicycle hoping to inpsire people to ride bicycles and learn geography. (Leslie Kehmeier, Sep, 2007)

(Doug Kwan, Jul, 2009)

missoula-seattle-san francisco-jakarta-kuala lumpur-krabi-bangok-chiang mai-kunming-chengdu-lhasa-katmnadu-delhi (Diego Martinez, Aug, 2007)

Atlantic Coast
Wonderful experience but differnt from going cross counntry. Secondary roads are in bad shape. (Mike Smith, Apr, 2012)

round the world bike trip
I started cycling in feb. 2008 in Germany. Crossing tne netherlands, belguim, GB, ireland, Norway and Iceland I came to Canada and worked my way south doing the US and Mexico...7500 miles so far (markus schorn, Feb, 2008)

newlywed tread
As a newlywed couple, we traveled across the southern US on a tandem bicycle. (Jason and Lillian Keil, Feb, 2011)

Tales from the Back Seat
This is a trip in progress and complete, accurate data will be added when the trip is complete. This trip is a self-contained cross country trip on a Tandem Recumbent. (Donald Swett, Feb, 2010)

Gels Journey
Long island New York to San Diego Ca. three young daring women on the adventure of a life time (Emma Woodward, Sep, 2006)

World wide bike tours
For nearly 9 years we've been spending 6 to 7 months every year riding somewhere in the world, North America, Europe, and South America so far. (Brian Bergeron, Aug, 1995)

Solo Ride
I made documentary of my bicycle tour and put up on my travel journal. I basically did the perimeter USA. 10,000 miles (Paul Sanchez, Jul, 2004)

Door County, Wisconsin
Lori and I toured up and down the Door County peninsula. (John Wegner, Jun, 1986)

ORVA 2012
I rode self supported from Oregon to Virginia and raised money for World Bicycle Relief. Kentucky was my favorite state, but there was some awesome riding throughout the country. (Jeremy Tagliaferre, Jun, 2012)

Operation Red Sleigh Charity Bike Ride
We were wondering if you would mind posting our up coming Charity Bike Ride on your site. We are hoping this coming ride will be as exciting this year as it was has been in the past three years. I am enclosing out link if you would like to see what our Organization is doing for our youngsters in our community for Christmas. The website has all the information to include times, entry fees, entry forms and location. Our Ride is July 16, 2005. http://www.operationredsleigh.com/ Thanks for you time!! Roseanna Hall Treasurer (Roseanna Hall, Jul, 2004)

Beater Bike and a 50cc Scooter
I'll be riding my 90's rigid fuji mt bike from Philly to SanFrancisco. My cameraman will be riding a 50cc Honda Ruckus scooter. We're making a doc about the adventure. We'll also be blogging along the way via cameraphone and library. (David Neal, Jun, 2006)

Two Brothers ~Grande Tour 2010~ USA-West-East
This will be an eastbound trip using a combination of the Northern Tier, Lewis & Clark, Great Rivers and TransAmerica routes. (Curt Harris, May, 2010)

Hit The Road
Boston England to Gibraltar. 4330 miles summer 2004 (Rob Rushworth, Jun, 2004)

Bike and Surf California
Bike and Surfing down the Coast of CA to raise money for American Cancer Society and environmental awareness. www.bikeandsurfcalifornia.com (Mike Conway, Jun, 2009)

Pedaling for Patriots-Southern Tier
Southern Tier ride in support of the Central Intelligence Agency Memorial Fund (Robert and Kimberly Richer, Sep, 2010)

the epic bike ride
novice cyclist; fat, fifty,unfit and restless, looking for a challenge. Decided to buy a bike and cycle the coast without any clue if I could do it, and in constant fear of a puncture. Loved it. (michael millership, Sep, 2006)

Breckenridge Tour
Rode from my home near Kearney NE to Breckenridge Colorado. (Bill Giffin, Sep, 2011)

Kyanne USAPerimeter Tour/2005
My wife Kate and I are trying to ride around the perimeter of the United States. She is retired and I was layed-off so we thought it would be a good time to fulfill one of our dreams. Start year is 2005. 2005 not on drop-down box (Kevin Kyanne, Mar, 2004)

Souther Tier
I did the STR in two sections due to a break to care for my sister during her breast cancer surgery and treatment. Florida to Texas was for 24 days in April/May and Texas to California was in Oct/Nov for 27 days. (Lisa Good, Apr, 2012)

The Chieftain Trail started at the Oregon coast and headed eastward over the Cascades, through the eastern OR deserts, up Hell's Canyon through to the Sawtooth Mountains and ended in Missoula, MT. This was a fantastic trip with great companions! I continued onward to Spokane, WA alone. (Michael Lampi, Aug, 1976)

Ride across America 2009
Self-contained ride with 5 others across the United States from Anacortes, WA to Washington DC. The ride followed the Northern Tier route for much of the way included two forays into Canada at Waterton and one to Niagara Falls. (Jack Brown, Jun, 2009)

Cross Nevada mountain Bike Ride
The route follows dirt roads across the heart of the Great Basin of Nevada. Crossing twelve mountain ranges with the highest summit at 10,109'. Passing by four wilderness areas, and one National Park. The ride takes 10 days @ an average of 47 miles per day. Camped along the route on public land under the brilliant night skies of Nevada. (Jason Susslin, Sep, 2008)

Fantastic, winds in Texas hard going but then I was going E to W (Tony Thompson, Feb, 2009)

Airwick Across America
Bicycling the Southern Tier with my two jack russell terriers, Airwick and Agape (Hank Raines, Sep, 2004)

Make it up as you go
We started in LA and ended in Connecticut. In-between we used nothing but our iPhones to find our way. (Steven Zander, Jun, 2011)

Southern Tuscany
Another self-supported trip in Italy. This time to the southern part of Tuscany including Arezzo, Montepulciano, Cortona, Montalcino, Castel del Piano and Albinia (Nolan Danchik, Sep, 2011)

Photo by Dennis Coello