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CYCLING PAKISTAN AND INDIA -- Skardu, Pakistan to Thiruvananthapuram, India, September, 2001

Total Miles: 4000
Miles/Day: 33
Days Riding: 120
Group Size: 1
Bike: Touring
Flat Tires: 8

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 45 Lbs.
Camping: 3%
Cooking: 0%
Cost/Day: $ 20
ACA Helped Me: No

Rider: Bill Weir; travel writer, Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: Flew to Skardu in northern Pakistan for a spectacular ride up the Karakoram Highway to the Khunjerab Pass with China, then back to Gilgit. Flew to Lahore and rode into India, then turned south all the way to land's end at Kanyakumari.; Self-Planned

How did ACA Help? none

Health Issues: none

Motivation: To ride the Karakoram Highway amongst soaring peaks and glaciers, then ride nearly the entire length of India.

Most Challenging Aspect:Getting there--flying to Pakistan a week after 9/11. Once I arrived, things were fine.

Favorite Experience: Too many to choose from, but every day in the Karakoram of Pakistan was spectacular. The Pushkar Camel Festival in Rajasthan, India was amazing with camels to the horizon in every direction!

Least Favorite: The Chinese had closed their side of the border at the Khunjerab Pass to cyclists, so I turned around at the border and stayed in Pakistan.

Tips: Don't believe what the news media tells you about Pakistan.

Online Journal: Click Here

Date Entered: Apr, 2020

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Photo by Dennis Coello