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CHINA--END TO END -- Dongxing, China (southwest of Nanning) to Simhana, China (west of Kashgar), March, 2006

Total Miles: 5564
Miles/Day: 31
Days Riding: 180
Group Size: 1
Bike: Touring
Flat Tires: 12

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 34 Lbs.
Camping: 2%
Cooking: 0%
Cost/Day: $ 20
ACA Helped Me: No

Rider: Bill Weir; 54 years old, travel writer, Non-Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: I realized how diverse and big the country is on a 180-day ride that began in the southeast corner, swung to the northwest, then out to the far west.; Self-Planned

Health Issues: none

Motivation: The idea of cycling completely across China was very compelling.

Most Challenging Aspect:Getting a long-term visa, which required sponsorship by a company in China and a good bit of luck.

Favorite Experience: Cycling across the green hills of northeastern Tibet and watching Tibetans on the move with their livestock.

Least Favorite: Mud, mud, and mud. Even major highways can turn into miserable bogs. Road construction is going on at a furious pace, so things are getting better.

Tips: China has opened up so that cyclists can ride almost anywhere, but some areas are closed and hard to find out about. I didn't have any problems, but maybe I was a bit lucky.

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Date Entered: Apr, 2020

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Photo by Dennis Coello