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Cyclist in Mobile, Alabama

BIKECENTENNIAL -- Eugene/Winchester Bay Oregon to Williamsburg/Virginia Beach, June, 1976

Total Miles: 4250
Miles/Day: 55
Days Riding: 82
Group Size: 12
Bike: Touring
Flat Tires: 6

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 45 Lbs.
Camping: 0%
Cooking: 0%
Cost/Day: $ 0
ACA Helped Me: Yes

Rider: michael Devis; student, Non-Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: One the best experiences of my life. It's had a profound effect on what I think of the US and how I confront & believe in the challenges in my life. ; Commercial Trip

How did ACA Help? BikeCentennial tawb612

Motivation: My brother and a school teacher.

Most Challenging Aspect:Physically the mountains. Mentally the heat and flat of the midwest Emotionally the time away from my family

Favorite Experience: So many beautiful rivers, mountain passes, memories of the group (tawb612) and people. Wish I took more pictures.

Least Favorite: Busting a crank while off roading in Yellowstone with full gear and getting lost. 3 of us pushed our road bikes over and under so many trees and along rutted trails it wasn't funny.

Tips: Enjoy each and every day. Live in the moment. Love life and be open and positive. The reward is worth it.

Number of Children in Group: 2

Number of Adults in Group: 10

Ages of the children on ride:
Under 8 years of age 9-12 years of age
13-14 years of age 15-18 years of age

Date Entered: Feb, 2014

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Photo by Dennis Coello