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Cyclist in Mobile, Alabama

AMERICA BY BICYCLE -- Santa Barbara, CA to Montrose, New York, June, 1975

Total Miles: 4311
Miles/Day: 50
Days Riding: 106
Group Size: 2
Bike: Touring
Flat Tires: 3

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 25 Lbs.
Camping: 98%
Cooking: 99%
Cost/Day: $ 0
ACA Helped Me: Yes

Rider: Lynn Hartman; writer, Member UNITED STATES

Summary: It was 1974, we were married 3 months and Bikecentennial was being planned. We felt the pull of the road and set out as a photographer-writer team to discover the world. We're still together, still happily biking, 32 years and thousands of miles later.; Self-Planned

How did ACA Help? Riders were out creating the routes, we could not wait, but were inspired by the concept.

Health Issues: Nope, we were the healthiest we'd ever been.

Motivation: We wanted to discover the world, ourselves, play on the bikes, take pictures and write stories--and feel the freedom of doing our own thing.

Most Challenging Aspect:For me it was pushing to get to a camp site on the other side of a huge mountain or on the other side of a long, dry desert section.

Favorite Experience: Riding the California Coast - Big Sur, Mendocino, blue sea and sky on one side, forest and cliffs on the other side, us and our bikes on the ribbon in between.

Least Favorite: The day we rode up the western side of the Bighorn Mountains was a very hard day--but offset by the experience when we made it to the top!

Tips: Don't wait, do it now, it won't be a one-time thing, you'll keep on riding for the rest of your life!

Date Entered: Jul, 2006

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Photo by Dennis Coello