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Cyclist in Mobile, Alabama

TRANSAMERICA W TO E -- Eugene, Oregon to Williamsburg, Virginia, June, 1976

Total Miles: 4300
Miles/Day: 52.439
Days Riding: 82
Group Size: 12
Bike: Road
Flat Tires: 10

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 40 Lbs.
Camping: 0%
Cooking: 33%
Cost/Day: $ 10
ACA Helped Me: Yes

Rider: Edmonds Bill; 15 years old, architect, Non-Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: The experiences of this ride have influenced every aspect of my life since then, from the intimate knowledge of the geography of the country, to the personal feeling of having accomplished it. I see Greg Whitehouse on the registry, I was an Ohio kid, him a Cali kid, first person I ever heard say "dude"! I still think of you and our group, my friend.; Commercial Trip

How did ACA Help? Yes, Bikecentennial, completely set up, all we had to do was ride and experience.

Health Issues: See above.

Motivation: At the time I was a complete bike junkie, I rode everything I possibly could, and this just seemed like the best thing to do.

Most Challenging Aspect:Kansas, that was a haul, flat and straight for what seemed forever, then hitting the Ozarks in Missouri. No one said the Ozarks were tougher than the Rockies.

Favorite Experience: When my parents picked me up in Virginia to take me home, and we headed out on the highway, I was completely disoriented travelling in the enclosed shell of the car, since I had not been in a car for 3 months, it was an amazing realization. That's why dogs put their heads out car windows, it's natural.

Least Favorite: Diahrrea from the change in water in the Kentucky mountains.

Tips: Either go out and ride now, or plan a ride as soon as you can, it doesn't matter where or how long. Life is a gift, and it goes way too fast. Biking is one of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of that gift. Life should be a journey.

Date Entered: Jan, 2011

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Photo by Dennis Coello