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BIKECENTENNIEL 1976 THOMAS J ROACH III -- san francisco, california to fort lauderdale, florida, May, 1976

Total Miles: 6000
Miles/Day: 40
Days Riding: 170
Group Size: 1
Bike: Other
Flat Tires: 6

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 0 Lbs.
Camping: 90%
Cooking: 95%
Cost/Day: $ 0
ACA Helped Me: Yes

Rider: thomas j roach III; 26 years old, respiratory therapist, Non-Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: first, i would like to get in touch with a guy named "otter". he was from bellingham, washington. i have a few photos of us!! my trip was a gas !! good people, wonderful country and we were the first !!; Self-Planned

How did ACA Help? i used bikecentenniel maps and state maps purchased along the way.

Health Issues: none. i was racing in florida before the trip and i was in excellent shape. i rode 50 mmiles to work everyday and usually trained 10 to 20 miles per day at least 4 days a week. i actually gained weight on my jaunt, riding half of what i usually did at home.

Motivation: i wanted to see the united states and it's people. i didn't want to have a schedule, destination or car.

Most Challenging Aspect:staying dry, finding water, staying somewhat clean, eating good food, finding a safe place to sleep and money.

Favorite Experience: all where my favouite !! but the most exhiliarating would be the decent from the mountain passes. the speed was tremendous. many people took me in and many offers for meals. a man in omaha, nebraska, took me home to show me to his wife !! he always wanted to do the ride and figured he would never have the chance. they took me out for a steak dinner, let me swim in their pool, and i slept on their patio. i still have the photo of us all together on the back deck. they were so excited to hear my tales of oregon to nebraska.

Least Favorite: altitude sickness in the mountain passes !! and a drunk who tried to run me down.

Tips: always look back when travelling, you may miss a wonderful view. always carry a camera, journal, and toilet paper. spend all the nec. money for good equipment, it's worth it !! stay longer than you would usually stay at sites, take it all in. you may never pass that way again. do it again when you are older. on my 30th anniversery, i have started to travel {by car} some of the roads i biked on. there is so much one forgets. go back and explore !!

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Date Entered: Jul, 2006

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Photo by Dennis Coello