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Cyclist in Mobile, Alabama

SUMMER FUN -- Reedsport, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, May, 1976

Total Miles: 4250
Miles/Day: 60
Days Riding: 80
Group Size: 12
Bike: Road
Flat Tires: 0

Load: Panniers
Load Weight: 0 Lbs.
Camping: 82%
Cooking: 86%
Cost/Day: $ 0
ACA Helped Me: No

Rider: Brad Bergerson; 21 years old, Student, Member UNITED STATES Email

Summary: From Reedsport, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, self-contained with a group put together by Bikecentennial (TAWK525). The best summer of my life.; Self-Planned

Health Issues: Several days of sickness.

Motivation: Bikecentennial and a strong desire to see the country.

Most Challenging Aspect:Surviving the snow and cold going over Lost Trail Pass.

Favorite Experience: Watching Nancy eat 17 hot dogs in 5 minutes at a 4th of July celebration in Scott City, Kansas. This won her a $75 gift certificate for local merchants. We ate steak for dinner, Dairy Queen treats for dessert and went bowling and roller skating.

Least Favorite: Whenever it was my turn for cooking duty.

Tips: Enjoy the ride, the people you meet and the beautiful country.

Online Journal: Click Here

Date Entered: Dec, 2007

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Photo by Dennis Coello