It's All Black & White

Dylan Grigar is a student of photography and folklore, and he combined these interests with his love of bicycling for a west to east TransAm in the summer of 2009.

“I received a grant from the Honors College at Indiana University to create a photo documentary of my TransAm bike journey. My goal is to document the scenery and people then creating an art installation with my prints upon my return to Indiana. I am shooting 57 rolls of Tri-X black and white film with a Minolta X-700 and a recently acquired (at a Missoula pawn shop) Nikon.”

Adventure Cycling Association’s art director Greg Siple, who shoots our portrait collection photos on black and white film, applauds Dylan’s decision to go with film.

Dylan was also carrying a 1960 Harmony brand Mandolin that he is brandishing in his portrait.