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Photo by Aaron Teasdale

Bicycle Travel with Children

Teaching Kids to Ride

by Sheldon Brown. One of the many tasks parents must undertake is teaching their children to ride bicycles. At every stage of the learning process, there are several possible approaches, and most parents will be unsure how to proceed. This article covers the options and explain when to choose which.

Bicyclinginfo.org: Educating Children & Teens

Introducing kids to the fun and freedom of riding a bike should go hand in hand with teaching them about bicycles, how to ride them, and how to maintain them.

KidsHealth: Bike Safety

A resource to help teach your kids about bicycle safety.

The Right Tools for the Job: Making sure the equipment fits the kids

by Paula Holmes-Eber. We had chosen a hot sunny July day to ride for the first time with our infant daughter in a heat-reflecting, plastic-bottomed bicycle trailer without a sun shade. It was a hard, if not humorous, early lesson on the challenges of selecting and using appropriate equipment for touring with children.

A Season in the Snake: A summer of micro-adventures

by Aaron Teasdale. Over the course of one summer, Aaron Teasdale heads out for a series of overnight rides from his front door into the Rattlesnake — Missoula, Montana’s backyard wilderness. (PDF)

Pass It On: Riding Idaho's rail-trails with the next generation

by Aaron Teasdale. Teasdale recounts his experience riding the Adventure Cycling Idaho Family Fun Ride with his son Silas. Along the way, Teasdale describes the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and Hiawatha Trail in northern Idaho and discovers that having children and riding with them has not cramped his riding style but enhanced it. (PDF)

Bike Touring During Pregnancy: Yes, You Can!
Bike Touring During Pregnancy: Yes, You Can!

During our bike tours, people have often quipped, "Great that you're doing this trip before you have kids!" -- as if children would put a definite and immediate end to our love of cycling and traveling by bicycle. When I became pregnant in May 2011, I wondered if they were right. Would a growing belly (let alone the arrival of a new human being) put a quick end to my bike touring days?

Fundraising Rides

How to Cycle for Charity

by Paula Holmes-Eber. Many of us hold dreams of cycling for a good cause. We see friends or colleagues who have gone off on a great adventure and returned excited and proud to have met their own personal challenge while fundraising for charity. During the 16 months our family — myself, my husband, and our fourteen- and twelve-year-old daughters — cycled 15,000 kilometers through 24 countries (raising $75,000 for asthma!), we were often asked how we could accomplish such an undertaking. Here are some tips on riding for charity.

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