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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

Redway to Fortuna

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Burlington National Park
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Friday I'll start at my home, after 8 miles I'll be on the South end of the Avenue of the Giants. I'll camp a little over mid way of this 32 mile,never get enough of, gem. If l get there early enough I can take in some of the trails among the Giants, then enjoy a hot shower before sleeping under the Giants.

I'll try to get out early (which never happens) to avoid the afternoon prevailing winds (which always happen) that will be waiting for me after the second half of the Avenue. Then about 13 miles along highway 101 to Fortuna.

I have a second home there and my first wife where I can stay! Sunday will be a rest day maybe Monday too, depending on how many "Honey Dos" are waiting for me.

P.S. By the way, she's also my current and only wife (55 years), you can fill in the rest with your imagination ; )

P.P.S. Probably 3000 ' and $5 for hike-bike camp. Free shower I think.??

Work for your meal the second night.

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Friend's house or friend's backyard

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