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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

BGC-TC Voyageurs Club Ride

Start Location
Luce Line Trail (Mn State Trail); Dakota Regional Trail (Links various Dakota County and Hennepin County Parks)
Number of participants
Ride Description

Voyageur is the outdoor camp/recreation arm of the Boys and Girls Club of Twin Cities. We plan on using this weekend as a launch for our new "Voyageurs Club" in which we will introduce outdoor education and adventure tripping (biking, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing) to youth in the 9 Clubs that the BGC-TC operates in Twin Cities area.

Our physical site, Voyageur Environmental Center, is located in between the Luce Line Trail (operated by MN DNR) and Dakota Regional Bike Trail (operated by Three Rivers Park System).

This ride is not open for members of the public to join.

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