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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

Austin to Oklahoma City

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Marble Falls, Evant
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Overall plan is to spend a week bicycling from Austin to Fort Worth.

On Saturday of Bike Travel Weekend, tentative plan is to ride from SW Austin to Inks Lake State Park. Routing mostly via TX 71 until close to Marble Falls and then back roads. If I can't get a reservation at Inks Lake then likely a motel in Burnet instead.

On Sunday of Bike Travel Weekend, continue north to either Evant (camping) or Hamilton (motel). After that, a further week of touring to Oklahoma City and on October 4th an Amtrak ride back to Austin.

I have marked this as "closed" because: (1) I tend to be a slow but steady cyclist and (2) given Covid-19 not quite sure on social distancing. However, still interested to hear from others who might be along similar routes/destinations. I am an experienced cycle tourist and also a Bike Trip Ambassador so willing to help with any questions. Closer to launch time, I'll post a link.

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