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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

Rendezvous in Ramsey: A gathering of bikers

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7440 Alpine Drive
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I am hosting a bike-in overnight gathering at Hansen Tree Farm that will start in the late afternoon (say sometime after 4 pm) on Saturday June 6, 2020 and end after breakfast on Sunday morning. Our tree farm is just off the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and is a place where many coast to coast riders have camped. I thought it would be great to meet together with others who are interested in bike touring and gather around a campfire and share our experiences.

Our 40 acre Christmas tree farm has plenty of room to throw up tents, there are a couple of campfire rings and picnic shelters with lots of picnic tables.

I invite folks to come by bike and camp overnight, but feel free to come via any means of travel wish and you do not have to spend the night.

I am a warm showers member. I have two different sites on that you can visit and learn about me. User name "Mark Hansen" is for my home in St. Paul where I have hosted many riders or user name "Mark H. Hansen"

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