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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

Some gravel, some city, some hills, some country lanes

Start Location
Walnut Creek Metro Park (North Lamar) Austin
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Ride Description

Leaving 0800 Saturday September 26th and returning Sunday September 27th.

A loop ride heading east out of North Austin to Bastrop. Grab food in Bastrop and camp at the state park. Next day, return to South Austin on (mainly) the Southern Tier. Then, back north to start.

Beginner + if you are competent riding in traffic. I have tried to minimized the traffic with bike lanes or wide shoulders and quieter roads, but some stretches require comfort in traffic. There are some hills and sections with gravel. 30 mile stretch on first day with no water available.

This is a NO Drop ride. One option, for people not thrilled with city riding, would be to bail out when we hit Austin on the second day.

Entrance fee $5 Camping fee $14

The Route:

Bastrop State Park:

Cycling Skills Course:

Saturday details

Saturday overnight location


Sunday details


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