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Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, September 25 - 27, 2020

Silver Comet to Chief Ladiga Trail Campground

Start Location
Rockmart or Your Best Access to Silver Comet
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Ride Description

Meet up at a TBD place to overnight park vehicles around the Rockmart area.

Ride the Silver Comet Trail west with a break in Cedartown.

Resume riding; soon to cross the AL-GA boarder (good photo opp).

Ride the remaining 7 miles to the CHIEF LADIGA TRAIL CAMPGROUND (

Setup camp.

Optional unpacked ride (8 miles) to Peidmont, AL for dinner and exploring their downtown.

Return to camp and CHILL!


Wake, pack, and return east.

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This trip is designed to be EASY difficulty. It would be a great way for those who have wanted to pack-tour by bike to get their feet wet while being very manageable distances and comfort level. The intent is to expose people to the joy of combining camping and biking without any extreme distances or conditions. There should be no to minimal riding in traffic.

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Saturday overnight location


Sunday details


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