Why I Like to Bike

February 6, 2013

“I like biking because you get fresh air and feel the nice cool breeze. I like riding my bike because you can see some nice houses. You even feel very happy. I also like it because sometimes it brings peace to the world.” —Kira Gardner, 8 year-old daughter of member Todd Gardner

 Kira on her bike

The passage above is from an essay Kira had to write in school, describing her favorite activity or sport. With no prompting from her father, she decided her favorite thing to do is ride her bike.
We have to agree with Kira on this one. Biking makes us happy, we love checking out the scenery, and we too believe that it can bring peace to the world. We believe that Kira’s essay really reflects the transformative power of traveling by bicycle.
If, like Kira, you want to make more people aware of the amazing power of traveling by bicycle, you can help eliminate barriers to bicycle travel by becoming a monthly donor or making a one-time donation.
Your support will help us reach out to more would-be bicycle tourists, introduce them to the magic of bicycle travel, and inspire them to get on their bikes and ride. You will help us show others what great things can be experienced from behind handlebars, atop two wheels, fueled by passion, climbing mountain passes, and descending with wind whistling through your helmet and a smile on your face.
To learn more about what your support will help us accomplish, check out our goals and objectives for 2013.
Photo by Todd Gardner


SUPPORT ADVENTURE CYCLING is written by Amanda Lipsey, development director for Adventure Cycling Association.


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