November 1, 2016 - Whitney Ford-Terry is a tours specialist at Adventure Cycling

As summer folded into autumn this year, I found myself going on more bike overnights than usual ... some with old friends, some with new friends, some with strangers, and a few with strangers totally new to bicycle travel. 

I recently had the opportunity to hit the road with an amazing group of folks from Free Cycles, a local community bike shop here in Missoula. They were planning a three-day trip up over Skalkaho Pass and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do my favorite solo sub-48 hour ride with a great group of folks. 

This certainly wasn’t the first group overnight Free Cycles had organized, but I was thrilled to discover it was a first for a good number of folks on the trip. A few seasoned hikers and cycling enthusiasts grabbed their bikes and set out for their first weekend of dirt roads, gentle climbs, delicious campfire cookouts, and good company. For a few folks the trip was a shakedown ride for an upcoming bikepacking trip on the Kokopelli Trail — what better way to prepare for a bike tour than to go on one. 

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Image 1 Nicholas Gilbert |Images 2 & 4 Locke Hasset | Images 5 & 6 Jessy Stevenson


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Dan November 1, 2016, 10:46 AM

Is that a Skid-Lid helmet on the bike in the second photo? Some one should really get a new helmet. Those things are really worthless compared to a modern helmet. Someone must have been whisked from about 1981 to have that thing still.

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