Two Views (Can be Better Than One)

February 22, 2013

Instead of cycling the main highway in Southern Laos, we opted to pedal the tracks and foot paths along the Mekong. It was slow going, but the ability to be so close to people's daily lives was worth the effort.

One early morning we came upon a man who was busy mending a fishing net. I asked if could take a photo and positioned myself so I could capture his silhouette. He was such a master at his craft that his movements, rather than being abrupt, were balletic.Kat was on the opposite side and snapped a photo of the fisherman in the glorious morning light.

Two images of the same subject and moment in time. I love them both.

It is also what I love about cycling with a partner. You not only have another set of eyes observing the world you are traveling through, but also two different perspectives. What one of us overlooks, the other often zeroes in on.

I grew up watching birds, so my ears are attuned to chirps and calls and small movements in the trees. Kat was a art history major, so she often sees details and patterns in everything from fabrics to architecture, that I would completely miss. At the end of the day, even though we've been along the exact same road, we have plenty to talk about.

Traveling solo has it's own advantages, but sometimes, two views can be better than one.

Photos by Willie Weir & Kat Marriner


SIGHTS AND SOUNDS is posted every other Friday. Willie Weir is a columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine. His latest book Travels with Willie: Adventure Cyclist will inspire you to hit the road and just might change the way you approach bicycle travel. He lives in Seattle with his wife Kat. You can read about their adventures at


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