Two Fish Quick Cage Adapter

July 2, 2011

Most touring bikes include a third set of eyelets for an extra water bottle cage, however, not everybody tours on a touring bike, especially on routes such as the Great Divide Route. While the third bottle cage might be excessive for a lot of tours, it can be nice to have that extra insurance for long stretches between water stops. While there is nothing wrong with tossing an extra bottle in a pannier or back pocket, it can be nice to keep your fluids quickly accessible and off the back.

The Quick Cage Adapter by Two Fish is a pretty cool solution to getting an extra bottle cage on your bike, and can be placed in a large variety of areas. It is really simple, using a wide Velcro strap that straps tightly to your frame or fork, and has a pliable rubber grip that helps keep the cage adapter from slipping when it is weighted down with a full bottle.

Attached to the Velcro strap is an aluminum plate with bottle cage eyelets and included bolts. The mounting plate is set out away from the frame, so the extra bolt threads will not bump up against your frame when you are tightening them down.

At $20, these are a great way to get some additional hydration setup on your bike, without pulling out the drill and thread tap.


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Josh, Gear Reviews July 6, 2011, 5:48 PM

If you would like, you can purchase them through Adventure Cycling here:


Anonymous July 3, 2011, 4:56 AM

Where does one purchase this product? I didn't see anywhere to order on their website.

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