Tour Leader Showdown: Steve Parsons Vs. Joe Loviska

August 29, 2012

We've got a lot of fantastic tour leaders here at Adventure Cycling, as well as our fantastic tours themselves! Often a tour leader can take a tour experience from alright to amazing, as I'm sure you know. So how are you supposed to choose? Well, we've selected two of our best for you this week, both leading fall tours along the Pacific Coast, and pitted them against each other to help you decide which leader style is right for you!

First up, and leading our self-contained Pacific Coast trip, we have Joe Loviska (pictured above in the blue t-shirt).

Age: 27 

Weight: 160lbs

Bike frame Size: 61cm

Highlights of upcoming tour: Puget Sound, the Oregon sand dunes, and Big Sur

Bike you will tour on: Surly Long Haul Trucker—26” wheels, lots of room!

B.O.B. or Panniers: Panyays all the way!

Favorite personal tour: Eastern B.C.—Penticton to Missoula, MT. Lakes, mountains, peaches, and ferries. Oh yeah!

Tours led/staffed for Adventure Cycling: Cycle MT, Cycle WA, Coast & Covered Bridges, Cycle the Gorge, TX Hill Country, S. Arizona Road Adventures, Black Hills Loop, Idaho Relaxed, Idaho Family Fun, Farm Fresh, 2010 Northern Tier and 2011 Pacific Coast self-contained

Favorite ice cream: Black Licorice or Peanut butter-pretzel-cookie dough

Tent stuffer/tent roller: Got to fold, then roll. Although I may be a little OCD.

Pets: Future cat. For now? A fluffy alien turtle thing.

Favorite Recovery Drink/Beer: Espresso, water, lemonade. Beer? Kettlehouse Amber or Manny’s Pale Ale.

Most unusual object carried on a tour: My juice harp, or my ultra-loud refillable compressed air horn. Beep!

Favorite rest day activity while on tour: Hike to find a swimming hole, then troll town for fudge, ice cream, and espresso. Or just lay in the grass, read a book and nap!

And in this corner, wearing orange, and leading our Wild Coast tour this fall, is Steve Parsons!


Age: 22 

Weight: 170lbs

Bike frame size: 61cm

Highlights of upcoming tour: Meeting other cyclists with as much enthusiasm for touring as I have. Also, riding through the Redwoods.

Bike you will tour on: Trek 520, with bright yellow fenders.

B.O.B. or Panniers: There is only one logical choice—panniers!

Favorite personal tour: Southern France/French Alps. Climbing for hours on end followed by breathtaking views and descents.

Tours led/staffed for Adventure Cycling: 2010 TransAm Van, 2011 TransAm Van (through Missouri and Kansas), 2011 Wild Coast

Favorite ice cream: Penn State Creamery, or Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby

Tent stuffer/tent roller: Come on, don’t be lazy… give it a roll!

Pets: Future Border Collie, and a current rescued cross-eyed kitty

Favorite recovery drink/beer: Chocolate milk/Ithaca Pale Ale

Most unusual object carried on a tour: Ultra-light hammock, great for pre-dinner naps, or my fishing pole.

Favorite rest day activity while on tour: I like to be active on rest days, including things like hiking, mountain biking, canoeing or kayaking


ON THE ROAD is written by the tours team -- Mo, Paul, Madeline, and Steve -- tours specialists and intrepid bicyclists, covering all things related to Adventure Cycling's Tours Department. Check out our 2011 guided tours today.


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