Things That Go Together

January 25, 2016

Hmmm, things that go together ...

Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. All things that when paired, make the other one that much better.

But let’s do some more interesting things:

Preparation and bike travel. If you’re not sure how to go about preparing yourself physically for a bike tour, a good starting point would be to check our article “Getting in Shape for Touring” by Brian Martindale. Just a little bit of strength and conditioning ahead of a tour will go a long way towards keeping you injury free and happy during your adventure.

Health and bike travel. Speaking of healthy, there are a few things you can do during your tour that can keep you feeling good from start to finish. Michelle and Ryan of America ByCycle have ten ways to stay healthy on your next bike tour.

Bikes and beer. So what could go together better than bikes and beer? Nowhere in Michelle and Ryan’s article do they mention beer consumption. Why not consider the positive effects of beer after a ride? offers up an ever so slightly biased take on the issue, complete with supporting research. Michelob Ultra and Lean Machine Ale are also there to push the post workout beer consumption vibe. Sure, you’ve got the naysayers out there, but I choose to run with the science that supports my personal beliefs. Ha!

Beer & Bike Tours has built a company around this harmonious union and we can’t help but love the tours they offer. During the last week of our January member drive, you’ll have a chance to win a spot on a 3 day tour from Beer & Bike Tours. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Beer & Bike Tours wants to take you on a bicycle tour of their hometown. You’ll cruise your way to brews all day with stops at local breweries and rides along scenic routes. For two nights and three days, you’ll be treated to rides through Poudre Canyon and jaunts into Rocky Mountain National Park, all while working up a mighty thirst for tasty suds at 5,000 feet of elevation and beyond. 

Happy campers on tour with Beer & Bike Tours

The primary goal of Beer & Bike Tours is to provide you with the most fun and safe adventure you can possibly have. Join today for a chance to take a journey of a lifetime in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.

Hmmmm, things that go together ...

YOU and Adventure Cycling. When you join us, you have a chance at winning the bike tour, you’re guaranteed a calendar (see image below) to plan your trips, and you also get a chance to win a bike!

What better way to plan your adventures than with our 2016 Bicycle Travel calendar? It’s filled with inspiring photos gathered from our annual photo contest, with a few 1976 throwback shots sprinkled in to celebrate our 40th anniversary. When you join by January 31st, we’ll include this calendar in your new member packet.

Join Adventure Cycling today, and we’ll also add your name to our Salsa bike giveaway, where you’ll have a shot at winning a limited edition Salsa Marrakesh touring bike, painted up in Adventure Cycling colors. You can get all the nitty gritty contest details on our bike giveaway rules page.

Top photo by Josh Tack | Second photo courtesy of Beer & Bike Tours | Bike photo courtesy of Salsa Cycles

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