Things Teri Loves: Adventure Cycling Polar Bottles

November 17, 2014

I was first introduced to the Polar Bottle in the mid-90’s at Interbike, the industry trade show. Since then I have used the bottles to stay hydrated and to promote Adventure Cycling. Promoting a good cause and having cold water on a hot day is a wonderful win-win. It’s a pleasure to carry a logo’d, insulated bottle that is made in the USA. 

The product was originally created in 1994 from a garage in Boulder, Colorado. The creators, avid cyclists and budding entrepreneurs, wanted to develop a bottle that would keep liquids cool during long rides. Robert, a mechanical engineer with experience working with heat loss in the field of medical technology design, adapted his expertise to create the insulated Polar Bottle water bottle.

Since the original Polar Bottle Sport bottle was first introduced, it has undergone continual improvements to both form and function

The best way to keep water cold in your Polar Bottle: pre-freeze the water in a Polar Bottle before use. Fill your bottle halfway full with water and freeze overnight. The giant ice cube that results will keep your drink chilly for hours (do not fill the bottle more than half way before freezing, as the water must have room to expand as it freezes). The insulating power of the bottle will obviously vary based on the conditions it’s being used in. High temperatures, direct sunlight, and even high ambient humidity can all affect how long your water stays cold. Even in hot conditions, however, the Polar Bottle will easily keep your drink cold more than twice as long as a standard single-wall, uninsulated bottle.


Order a bottle of your own.

Photographs by Patrick Finley

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