Ten Inspiring Instagram Sites For Bike Travelers

April 21, 2016

Ania & Szymon instagram.com/wlasnadroga 

Ania & Szymon are on a world bike tour. This talented couple brilliantly captures the atmosphere of the countries they pedal through and create evocative portraits of the people the meet. Their Pamir highway photos are particularly stunning.



Cass Gilbert instagram.com/whileoutriding

If you could change places with any other touring cyclist — who would it be? Probably Cass Gilbert. But be warned ... images of Cass’s dirt road adventures across the Americas are known to be highly envy inducing and can be detrimental to productivity at work.



Franzi & Jona instagram.com/talesontyres 

TalesonTyres wowed us with their superb Central Asia images. Now we’re sharing their struggles and (mis)adventures as they take on the Americas ... starting with a damp, cold Canada in March.



Francesco & Giorgio instagram.com/montanus_thewildside

Want some inspiration to grab your mountain bike and go out and hit the trails? Then look no further than Francesco & Giorgio’s site.



Amaya & Eric instagram.com/worldbiking

Amaya & Eric have been on the road since 2006 and are on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. Their great Instagram feed is a mix of new images and photos from years past. They’re in Turkey at the moment, but will be riding across America this summer.



Sarah & Scott instagram.com/long_rode_home 

Sarah & Scott’s enthusiasm and humour is infectious! Their caption for the image above: “Just an average lunch for a touring cyclist ... wait, is this why we didn’t lose weight?”



Lars Bengtsson instagram.com/lostcyclist 

Lars has extensively cycled through Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. In March he headed off to Mongolia from Sweden and his images reflect the life of a solo cyclist.



Daniele & Simona instagram.com/becycling 

Daniele and Simon are another fun-loving couple who share the special moments and random encounters of life on the road. 



Pablo & Ilze instagram.com/thecrazytravel 

Their motto: life isn’t about the amount of days you live; it’s about the amount of days you remember.




Paul Jeurissen instagram.com/paul_jeurissen_bicycle_photo

Naturally I’m also on Instagram! Check out my feed for images of tiny cyclists in epic landscapes, plus bicycle culture and touring pictures from around the world.



Bonus! Adventure Cycling instagram.com/adventurecycling/

Even more sites:

In 2014 Darren Alff, instagram.com/bicycletouringpro, put together a list of the top 5 bicycle travelers you should be following on Instagram for the Adventure Cycling blog

It’s now 2016 and Instagram’s popularity among touring cyclists has soared and Paul Jeurissen kindly volunteered to update this list with the bicycle travelers above and some special mentions below.

These two curation sites regularly regram photos from touring cyclists around the world. instagram.com/biketouringinstagram.com/bikewander

An enthusiastic solo female cyclist: instagram.com/thebikeramble

Bicycle touring with children: instagram.com/minikgezgin

And with a dog: instagram.com/longhaultrekkers

Touring Oregon: instagram.com/twowheeltravel

A bikepacking information site: instagram.com/bikepackingcom

Cycling combined with sailing: instagram.com/agphotofr

Touring on recumbents: instagram.com/frogsonwheels

Pedalling the African continent from north to south: instagram.com/janickpierre

And you thought you were hardcore ... beautiful photos from an expedition cyclist: instagram.com/marinonicolas

Their trips have finished but their archives are well worth a look: instagram.com/nutmegcountry, instagram.com/pedalsouth

And ending with some personal favourites: instagram.com/mikehowarth, instagram.com/lovelo.at, instagram.com/limberlostco, and instagram.com/jukka_salminen

A big thank you goes out to Paul Jeurissen for compiling this great list.


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Hannah April 28, 2016, 10:35 AM

Thank you so much for posting this! I was starting to get bored with my Instagram feed. Now I'll have lots of new eye candy!

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