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1. Bike Camping Is A Blast--Even in Omaha

Mohamed Ukach was one of the winners of the Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel in 2018. After learning some valuable bike travel skills on Adventure Cycling’s Intro to Road Touring course, Mohamed took nine people on their first bike camping trip in Omaha, Nebraska.

2. Egg Potato Breakfasts on the Pacific Coast Route

Ankur Kumar was one of the winners of the Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel in 2018. Now he's cooking up big egg potato breakfasts along the Pacific Coast Route.

3. The USBRS Top Five from 2017

Our top five successes with the U.S. Bicycle Route System — from across the U.S. and within the Adventure Cycling offices.

Tags: bike travel, USBRS
4. Gals Ride The Dalles - Touring in the Great State of Oregon

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or new to bike travel, Oregon is a great place to go on a bike tour!

Tags: bike travel, bike tour, bikepacking
5. Weekenders

The best way to prep for a tour is to go on one. 

Tags: bikepacking, bike tour, bike travel, skalkaho

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