Straps Built to Hold

November 24, 2014

Bike touring, like all touring, requires the need to carry gear. Yes, we have bags and panniers designed to hold most everything, but inevitably there will be that extra piece of gear that must ride on top. It’s crucial that those extra items, which tend to be strapped on last minute, are secured and able to withstand miles of bouncing around. Rok Straps has the ultimate solution.

The typical bungee cord that we’ve all used has one tension due to its full-length elasticity. The hooks on both ends can be awkward to attach. The gear that’s being secured to the bicycle may necessitate a different size bungee each time. Even more of an issue is the possible danger incurred while trying to attach a fully stretched bungee, having it slip from your hand with the hook end hitting you or the person next to you. We’ve all been there.

Good news! There is a solution called the Commuter Rok Strap. Rok Straps are securing devices designed for a more precise and safer way of tying down gear. Rok Straps resolve many of the issues described above. The straps are a combination of elastic on one end and adjustable nylon webbing on the other. The Rok Straps are two pieces connected in the middle by a fast clip buckle. On the ends of the straps are nylon webbing loops.

These loops can be attached to your bike frame or rack by running the straps through themselves making a safe and secure connection. Once the two looped ends are attached to your frame or rack, you can easily connect the fast clip buckles over the load and pull on the loose webbing end, creating tension over the load. The benefit of having one side bungee and the other nylon webbing is greater adjustability for multiple load sizes.

I must admit, it took me awhile to try these, but recently I used a set to attach a sleeping bag to a rear rack.  The Rok Strap worked great! My bag was secured tightly and stayed in place the entire ride. The best part was that I was able to increase tension as the bag compressed over time. The straps are very easy to attach and set up.

Cyclosource has chosen to provide the Commuter Rok Strap. This is a 28-inch strap designed for bicyclists. The straps are made of bright orange webbing with reflective highlights intertwined within the material. The Commuter Rok Straps can be purchased for $12.95 and are sold as a pair.

You can purchase a set of Rok Straps from the Cyclosource online store or call us here at Adventure Cycling at 1-800-721-8719.

Top photo by Geoff McMillion | Bottom photos by Rok Straps

CYCLO NOTES is brought to you every Monday morning by Adventure Cycling's Cyclosource team — Teri, Patrick, and Geoff.


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