Staying Clean

June 16, 2014

So you’re putting together your trip, going through your list, trying to think of everything  you will need while out on the road. Every detail must be thought out thoroughly. With each item you question, “Do I really need this piece of gear? Could I live without it? Is it too heavy?” Well, have you thought seriously about what you’ll need for cleaning? From cleaning your dishes to cleaning your skin, keeping clean is an important aspect of comfort and health. Adventure Cycling’s Cyclosource store carries just the thing: the Scrubr dish cloth for pots and pans and the Trekr wash cloth for your skin, both by Luntatec.

Lunatec is a California based company that specializes in cleaning cloths. Lunatec uses a 100% nylon weave to create its products. Unlike sponges or even those green nylon scrub pads, the Lunatec cloth does not hold dirt, food, bacteria, or oils. Lunatec’s Scrubr and Trekr cloths easily rinse out, ready to use for the next set of dishes or face cleaning. Both cleaning cloths dry very fast, we’re talking like 10 to 15 minutes tops. Fast dry time helps eliminate the possibility of bacteria and mold growth. With the cloths being made from open-weave nylon, they’re practically weightless and take up very little space.

Lunatec makes two cloths designed for two different applications:

 The Scrubr is an all-purpose cloth for cleaning pots and pans and any other camp gear. This cloth is very durable when it comes to cleaning, even for cooked-on food. The weave on this cloth is open enough that just rinsing it removes any chunks that could be trapped. It’s totally odor free and deflects any bacteria that could grow. To prove it holds up to the task, we’ve had the same Scrubr cloth in the Adventure Cycling kitchen for a couple of years now. It gets used daily by the staff and still looks and works like new.

The Trekr is a wash cloth for your face and body. This cloth is made with a very similar 100% nylon weave like the Scrubr but much softer on the skin. The Trekr is crucial for cleaning off dust, dirt, oils and sunscreen.  It’s a great exfoliator for keeping your skin fresh and healthy. Like the Scrubr, the Trekr rinses clean, is odor free, resists bacteria and dries quickly. Unlike a typical washcloth which can harbor bacteria, the Trekr always smells fresh and clean.

The Lunatec cleaning cloths are very popular with our cyclists and many other adventurers seeking a light-weight, effective cleaning cloth.  Both of these cloths can be purchased from the Cyclosource store online or by calling in.  

Photos by Geoff McMillion

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Foro Ciclismo July 22, 2014, 2:23 AM

Looks quite good, it's possible to reach one of them in Europe, in Spain for Example? we will star our new trip in Canal Imperial de Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain.


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