Show Off Your Tour: Using Flickr to Share Photos

April 1, 2013

Paul snaps a shot

So you've taken your Adventure Cycling tour. You've had the time of your life, done some fabulous cycling, and made some new friends. Now you're home, looking through your memory cards of photos to relive your trip. Wow! Look at those awesome photos! You want to share them with your fellow participants, with Adventure Cycling, with the world, but how?

You're in luck! Adventure Cycling Guided Tours have their very own Flickr page to which participants can upload photos from their own trips, or look to for inspiration and photos from all of our tours. Let's get started!

1. First, you will need to register for a Flickr account. You can connect via your Facebook or Google account if you don't want another name and password to remember.

Register for a Flickr account screenshot

2. Second, you will need to add yourself to Guided Tours' group. Go to the Adventure Cycling Guided Tours' group page, and then click 'Join This Group.'

Join this group screenshot

3. Now it's time to upload your photos! Click the 'Upload' button to get started.

Upload your photos screenshot

4. Once you reach the upload screen, hit the 'Choose Photos and Videos to Upload' button and select the photos you want to upload. Note: Holding down the 'Ctrl' key will allow you to select more than one photo at a time.

Add photos and videos screenshot

Add multiple photos at once screenshot

5. Now it's time to add some tags! Tags are keywords, which make it easy for you and others to find and view your pictures. At the end of your Adventure Cycling tour, you will receive the tags to use for your specific tour. To add tags, hit the 'Add Tags' button and type in your desired tags. After you add tags, click 'Add to Group', and select the Adventure Cycling Guided Tours' group. These steps are important, because they help your fellow participants to find, view and appreciate your photos!

Add tags to your photos screenshot

6. Once you have tagged and grouped your photos, it's time to complete the upload. Hit the 'Upload' button in the upper left.

Upload screenshot


7. That's it! Your photos are uploaded, and ready for all to enjoy. Now you're free to scroll through the other photos, and find your next trip!

If you need more assistance, you might find the Flickr FAQ page helpful.

Looking for a great tour with stunning photo ops? Look no further than our Cycle Utah or Cycle the Gorge tours! Can't wait to see your pictures!


ON THE ROAD is written by the tours team -- Mo, Paul, Madeline, and Steve -- tours specialists and intrepid bicyclists, covering all things related to Adventure Cycling's Tours Department. Check out the 2013 Guided Tours!


Tammy Schurr September 24, 2014, 1:32 PM

Anyway to upload directly off my Flickr account instead of off my computer? My photos from my smart phone are saved directly to my Flickr account. It would be more direct, and so much easier, to select them off my Flickr account to share on AC Guided Tours Flickr account rather than off my computer where they don't yet reside.

Darrah Rogers September 26, 2013, 12:26 PM

Here is some pertinent feedback from one of our 2013 tour participants about wait time on new accounts:

"Yahoo Help indicates it may take several days for photos from a new account to show up, and to be able to log on using a new account. (That probably answers my question.) Notice of this delay should be part of your tutorial or invitation to supply and view photos."

Thanks Ron!

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