Shangri-La Found, Extended Version

December 6, 2011

Go ahead, call us Luddites. You'd be right to a degree. We haven't done much e-versioning of Adventure Cyclist magazine in the past but we hope to do more in in the near future. We have recently begun posting complete PDF versions of Adventure Cyclist on the Adventure Cycling Association website behind our member wall (see My Adventure Cycling), but this seems a bit primitive compared to the iOS and Android apps that are commonplace these days. We're working our way in that direction too, but in all likelihood, we won't have anything like that to offer in 2012. For now, we'll use PDFs and the good ol' blog to experiment with E-AC.

This is a first. We're taking an article we published in the December/January issue, "Cycling Shangri-La" by Aaron Teasdale, and posting an extended version (PDF). The fun thing about doing this is that it gives the reader the opportunity to digest the story the way Aaron originally intended it — before I brow beat him into submitting the story with fewer words to fit the space we had allotted for it. Not only that, but we get to include a bunch more photos for you to view. Through the years, we have striven to publish stories with excellent photography, and I think we've succeeded, maybe not in every case, but certainly in most. The unfortunate thing, though, is that our contributors often submit far more excellent photos than we can squeeze into the layout in the magazine, and this makes for excruciating decisions about what to leave out.

Hopefully, people will enjoy this version and it will prompt us to push more content to the web in the future. In the webosphere, it appears that we have all the space we need.


MIKE DEME is the editor of Adventure Cyclist magazine.


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