Saving Sachtleben

June 1, 2015

19th Century bicycle traveler William Sachtleben took dozens of spectacular, circular images during his round-the-world trip with Thomas Allen. But those photos were almost lost forever when Sachtleben's home in Texas was being torn down years after his death. By pure luck, a man named Paul Montague happened by the work site that day and saw the photos as they were being hoisted into a bonfire. He offered $20 for the valise full of who-knew-what and the rest, as they say, is history.

The photos, now part of a special collection at UCLA, were featured in a special exhibit earlier this year called "Round Trip." Here, bicycle historian David V. Herlihy sits down with Montague to recall that fateful day. Read Herlihy's final installment of Allen and Sachtleben's travels and see some of their incredible images in the June 2015 issue (members only) of Adventure Cyclist magazine.




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