Reflections on a North Star Adventure

January 1, 2015

Reflections of my My Adventure - Traci Wentling

Beautiful view out my front door

.Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

My ride-mates
My ride-mates

What in the world gave me the idea that I could ride nearly 3,000 miles; some of it more of a physical challenge than I thought possible and days and days without shelter other than my tent walls at night...

Sleeping in a ditch in the Yukon Territory

It is human nature to forget the pain of something. I believe God gave us this ability to forget so that we can move on to what is next without fear. In giving me the Grace I needed for each day, He also gave me just enough strength that I needed for that same day. No matter how absolutely spent or how sore that I was at night, He gave me what I needed to do it again. His healing of the body overnight is an awesome thing that no one on this planet can explain.

We climbed it!

Patience, I had to pray for daily. Often, in dealing with different personalities and people with different moral standards, a good deal of patience was required on everyone's part. A profound truth that I have discovered is that there is only one thing in this world that a person can have complete control over and that is how we react to situations. Even if that reaction is at first dishonest to our heart, we still have control over what is reflected out towards the rest of the human race. In many cases, our first reaction to a circumstance is not what we feel days later anyway.

Just one of the many amazing bridges crossed

I look back and peruse the thousands of pictures and it helps me remember the thousands of moments of joy and awe of nature as displayed by God. From the full orchestra heard only by me while riding the Columbia Icefields to the beautiful lyrics imagined in my mind while meandering along a lazy rural back road filled with the stories of the folks who live there.

Columbia Icefield


Along the Icefields Highway


A back road in B.C.
Along a back road in B.C.

From the awesome vistas of Mt. Robson or Mt. McKinley to the massive views of the multitudes of running rivers or the still waters of the lakes.

Mt. Robson
This is Mt. McKinley!
The Bow River
Peyto Lake

From the green grass or tall sweet clover in which I could pitch my tent to the small cafe where I could order a pancake.

Marabelle loves sweet clover...
Great little cafe out in the middle of no where

From the rugged danger felt and seen while riding through the Yukon Territory to the scenery of the untouched mountain tundras of the same.

Preparing for the inevitable?
A rare day that many of us rode together for awhile

From my best riding buddy Sue to the surprise encounters along the way.

Sue, a few miles down the other side of Sinclair Pass
Gertrude Grizzly and her cubs
Millie the Moose
Hey, I know this gold panner!

These are things I will remember and hold in my heart even if the elusive memory of my mind might fade away someday.

Double rainbow while still in Montana

Thank you to each and everyone who commented on my blog. Words of encouragement coming in from the outside kept my spirit high and you just can't imagine how much those words meant to me.

Mabelline and her Click-Stand. My most valuable pieces of equipment.

In every regard I am glad this Adventure is over as I have no desire to ride on. For now, I have no yearning to see more. My home state of Kansas, complete with the heat and wind, feels comfortable to my soul. And lastly, may I not be remiss in thanking you for lifting me to The Lord in prayer and for the encouragement of my loving and faithful husband, John. I am home sound and safe and acclimating to my wonderful life as a wife and mom and "Grammy".

I bid you adieu...until my next big bicycle adventure begins to tickle my fancy 8-)

Your blogger at work

Stats of this 2014 Adventure

Total miles: 2,880
Total ascent: 98,588
Total riding days: 47
Total rest days: 9
Average miles per riding day: 61
Total nights spent in my tent: 54
Total nights spent in a cabin/motel/hostel: 6
Total peanut butter sandwiches: 67
Total days away from home: 70

P.S. Did you know that the tree line in Alaska is only at 2,500 to 3,000 feet while the tree line in northern Colorado is about 10,000 feet? Did you know that a beaver can weigh 100 lbs in Alaska? Everything gets more and more extreme the further north we go on the globe...


Post by Traci Wentling | Photos by Traci Wentling


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william buttry January 19, 2015, 1:01 PM

and days and days without shelter other than my tent walls at night... The tent is your shelter cant exspect to stat at the holiday inn out in the middle of nowhere .

Robin Barlow January 3, 2015, 6:00 PM

I just wanted you to know my sweet sister that I love you so much. I admire you & you inspire me to strive to be a better person in all ways. I love that you are living for God. And I know he protected you every mile that you rode. Thank you so much for all of your pictures and writings along your trek they are wonderful!!! God bless you!

Pete Strause January 2, 2015, 9:08 AM

Awesome post, with great stories from the road. The beautiful photos and words remind me why I like Alaska so much, and love to lead Adventure Cycling tours there.

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