Point to Point Touring: Three Trips to get you from Here to There

January 28, 2014

There are many different ways to create an itinerary for a bicycle tour. You can go out and back, ride a nice loop, or my favorite, the point-to-point tour. Adventure Cycling has been running point-to-point tours since its inception in 1976 with the Bikecentennial TransAm ride. We now offer several point-to-point tours, and whether you decide to take a short jaunt down the East Coast on our Southern Sampler, a longer, scenic Northern Tier tour across the top of the country, or stick to the traditional TransAm, you’ll be glad you went from here to there!

Southern Sampler

If you’re new to point-to-point touring, or your time restraints make you think of doing something a little shorter, the Southern Sampler is the trip for you. You’ll experience southern hospitality as you trek from Charleston, South Carolina to St. Augustine, Florida. Along the way, you’ll have amazing costal views, visit historic cities, and enjoy beautiful natural areas. You may only be on tour for 12 days, but you’ll get a great taste of point-to-point touring, and the southeast!

Northern Tier

Looking outside and seeing nothing but frigid air makes some of us long for a summer on the road. The northern part of our country is amazingly diverse, and on our epic Northern Tier tour, you’ll see it all. You’ll ride from sea to shining sea, beautiful Maine, to stunning Washington, and see the diversity of our great nation unfold before you. This trip is for those who want an adventure and love the experience of touring self-contained. It’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t!


Tradition is something that we all love to be a part of. Whether it’s passing down a family heirloom or having a yearly family getaway, we love the feeling of being involved in something great. This year, consider joining a tradition that started back in 1976 for bicycle tourists around the world: Biking the TransAm. Come ride with us from Virginia to Oregon, creating amazing memories along the way.

No matter which tour excites you, give point-to-point touring a shot. 

Post by Mike Lessard

Top photo by chucksinc on Flickr | Middle photo by ctbiker2001 on Flickr | Bottom photo by Judy Masher May on Flickr

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