One Easy Way to Make Sure You Never See Another Membership Renewal Notice in Your Mailbox

August 12, 2015

Want to ensure the continued support of bicycle travel AND never bother with renewing your Adventure Cycling membership each year? Make it easy on yourself and become part of the Century Circle.

The Century Circle is our monthly giving program. As a monthly donor, your membership is automatically renewed each year. That means your membership never lapses, and you never miss any issues of Adventure Cyclist.

At Adventure Cycling, we depend on the generosity of dedicated cyclists like you to continue our work, including:

  • providing the best information and tools for bicycle travel,
  • connecting rural America to urban through a national network of bicycle routes,
  • and publishing the always-inspiring Adventure Cyclist magazine.


Cutting edge bike set-up info from the 1983 August/September Bike Report. By Greg Siple.



One of the most important sources of income for Adventure Cycling comes from our member contributions. A consistent donation, even at $10 a month, creates a steady, dependable income that guarantees our continued efforts to make bike travel accessible to everyone.

How it works, in three easy steps:

1) Sign up to have your credit card charged on or around the 16th of each month. You can choose to stop contributing at any time.

Or have the funds taken directly from your bank account so you never have to update a credit card expiration date. Send us a voided check with a note indicating how much you’d like to contribute:

  Sheila Snyder, Electronic Funds Transfer – Monthly Donor
  Adventure Cycling Association
  150 East Pine St.
  Missoula, MT 59807

2) Every January, you’ll get a hearty thank you and an annual giving statement to use for tax purposes.

3) As a token on our thanks, we'll send you a handy Adventure Cycling luggage tag, made out of recycled bike chain. 

Questions? Call me (April) at: 406-532-2760. We’ll talk money. We’ll talk bikes.


The Thomas Stevens Fan Club is brought to you by the development team, Annette, April, and Michelle. They share an office with a classic Parisian Metropole bicycle. Want to know more about how you can support Adventure Cycling and all the amazing work they do? Call them at 406-532-2760 or email them at


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