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October 4, 2013

Have you had a chance to check out your My Adventure Cycling account yet? We updated this feature with our website redesign this past spring, and want to make sure you're familiar with what it has to offer you.

If you have an email address on file with us, you can log into your My Adventure Cycling account. To do this, just navigate on over to the "My Account" log-in page. No matter where you are on our website, you can find this link on the top right hand corner of the webpage next to the search box. If you have forgotten your password, which happens to all of us, there's a link on that page to help you reset your password or create a new account if we don't have your email on file.

Once logged in, you can view all your membership account information. This includes your member number, mailing address, email, and membership expiration date. If for whatever reason you're not receiving your magazine, or perhaps haven't heard from us in a while, it's a good idea to check this out to make sure your current contact information is up to date. If you need to change your account information, you can do so by checking out the 'Update Account Information' link on the right-hand side.

Affiliate benefit information is also located in your My Adventure Cycling account. If you want to take advantage of any of our excellent discounts and special offers, this is where you go to find out the details behind the benefit, and the corresponding discount codes. Many of our affiliate partners will not extend these benefits without an active discount code, so this is a great place to be familiar with if you're looking for something such as a Motel 6, or Optic Nerve discount.

We love communicating with our members, but we know that sometimes you want to go into radio silence as far as email is concerned. Through your My Adventure Cycling account, you can manage your communication preferences to control the number of emails you receive from us. Privacy settings can also be upated here.

We hope you've enjoyed our new website redesign, and we will continue to improve features to enhance your digital experience with Adventure Cycling. 

Photo by Derek Gallagher

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