Member Spotlight: Cycle Greater Yellowstone

July 14, 2016

Adventure Cycling member Cycle Greater Yellowstone shares with us a bit about their unique event on August 13–20, 2016, their passion for cycling, and why they support Adventure Cycling Association. 

Tell us about Cycle Greater Yellowstone, August 13–20, 2016.

Cycle Greater Yellowstone, a large-scale road bicycle tour showcasing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the surrounding area, will be returning for its fourth annual “First Great Ride in the Last Best Place,” August 13–20, 2016. It includes overnights in Livingston, Whitehall, Divide (Dewey), Dillon, and Ennis. Event organizers expect 350 riders, representing most U.S. states and other countries. 

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition created Cycle Greater Yellowstone with two primary goals: To provide a world-class adventure designed to inspire and inform riders about the wonders of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and to build enduring relationships around the globe between GYC, the cyclists, and the communities of Greater Yellowstone.

What services do you provide for bicycle tourists?

Cycle Greater Yellowstone participants receive three catered meals daily, fully stocked rest stops, prime camping spots, hot showers, baggage service, on-course safety support and live entertainment. Many riders also purchase additional services for accommodations such as hotels, restaurant meals, and tent sherpas.

Why do you support Adventure Cycling through corporate membership?

Adventure Cycling connects with bicycle travelers around the world, and is another fantastic Montana-based organization!

What are your favorite things going on in cycling right now?

We’re excited about the increased advocacy and awareness about cycling, primarily for people traveling and commuting via bicycle — a much smaller footprint than by vehicle.

Where would you like to see cycling in America in 5 years?

We’d like to see cycling as a primary means of transportation and travel!

What is your favorite service or program that Adventure Cycling offers?

We love how Adventure Cycling connects bicycle travelers.

If your headquarters staff could relocate to any place in the world, where would they choose?

We love being in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, we would not change our location!

As your event grows, have you had mainly tailwinds, headwinds, or crosswinds? 

All of the above — as a newer bike tour we have had early growth challenges to get dialed into the right number of riders, food, transportation, etc. Our riders have experienced fire, snow, hail, rain, heat, and wind — we consider those crosswinds. They don’t blow us over, but they sure challenge the logistics of our week!

What cycling related benefits do you offer your staff?

Our staff rides during the week, presents educational opportunities about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and enjoys the cycling camaraderie. During the year, we encourage staff to enjoy the outdoors and give them the tools to do so.

Is there anything else about your company that you really want to share with our readers?

In addition to riding through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, CGY has given $127,000 over the past three years through our community grant program to help support the special communities we visit. The Community Grant program is in addition to our commitment of hiring local vendors within the GYE.

Photos courtesy of Cycle Greater Yellowstone


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