Loksak: The Amazing, Super Hero of Zip-Loc Type Bags

August 18, 2014

So my cell phone renewal was up and it was time to step into the present day and age with a smart phone.  Of course, my phone everywhere is a must. That means taking it with me on all my favorite outings like fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking and bike touring. These new phones or micro computers aren’t cheap, so keeping such a device dry and clean is crucial. Sure, there are cases of all kinds, but I chose the Loksak waterproof bag for my go to protection from the elements.

If you’ve never seen the Loksak bags, these are zip-loc type bags made for it all. Loksak is a company based in Florida. The product was designed and engineered by an avid scuba diver. Loksak bags are waterproof to a depth of 200 ft. Not only are the bags waterproof, but because they are airtight, they work well to keep out humidity, dust, snow, and sand as well.

The closures on the bags are designed to hermetically seal, keeping out any moisture or air. They use a highly durable 6 mil plastic and the seams are specially heat welded to avoid splitting out. The bags are produced without the use of any BPA or harmful chemicals. For electronics, the plastic used allows for the use of touch screen devices without taking the device out of the bag.  Best of all, Loksak makes their bags here in the United States.

At Adventure Cycling, we carry a couple of different sizes offered by Loksak.  6 x 6, 9 x 6, 12 x 12, and a 3 x 6 Smart phone bag. If you’re going to use a bag for your cell phone specifically, I suggest measuring the phone before deciding on which bag to get. Some of the new smart phones are larger and may not fit in the 3 x 6 Smart phone designated bag.

Loksak has many uses. Medication can be kept dry, wet wipes stay wet while stored, an open pack of crackers stay fresh while sealed, some even claim to have cooked meals in the bag.

Each Loksak package comes with 3 bags of that size included. Prices range from $7.59 to $12.99 depending on which size you decide to go with. Be sure to check out Cyclosource for sizes, descriptions and pricing.

Photos by Geoff McMillion

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Andrew September 29, 2014, 12:37 AM

Hi there, question not about the smartphone lock bags but that old tube carry bag. I have been hesitant to purchase a triangular frame bag as I often put the bike on a car rack.

You always need the space at each end of the frame to slot onto the bike carrier arms. In this image above though there is a decent sized hole. Was that bag designed that way or has it simply sagged?

any ideas on a product that solves this problem?


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