Last Place And Loving It

June 24, 2016

You've heard about Lael Wilcox, right? She just won the Trans Am Bike Race 2016, 4270 miles on Adventure Cycling's TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, a hard route, in 18 days, nipping the second place rider, Steffen Streich, at the line. (Note: Adventure Cycling has nothing to do with this race beyond creating the route for ALL cyclists to enjoy, however they like.)

And, by the way, Lael is coming to the Montana Bicycle Celebration to speak at the Saturday dinner on July 16 and to do a presentation called “Building the Baja Divide” along with Nicholas Carman on the Thursday, July 14. We're excited.

But this post is not about Lael Wilcox ...

This post is about Thomas Camero! He's currently racing the Trans Am Bike Race too, he's in last place, and we're equally excited about his visit to Adventure Cycling on June 23. Thomas rolled in with his big smile, carrying a copy of our new book, America's Bicycle Route — The Story of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, and encouraging everyone he meets to sign it, including us. No doubt, his copy will be a tremendous memento for him once he arrives in Yorktown, VA and we're honored to have our book used in such a meaningful way.

You can check Thomas’s progress with the Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Live Tracker. That's Thomas bringing up the rear, and honestly, to Adventure Cycling, first place, last place, it doesn't matter. Traveling by bicycle is what we cheer.

We should note that Adventure Cycling created the TransAmerica Trail 40 years ago for Bikecentennial 1976 for ALL traveling cyclists. Our staff of cartographers continue to create digital and printed maps of this route and others all across the U.S., but, again, we have nothing to do with the Trans Am Bike Race. We're simply honored that cyclists choose our maps and ride our routes in any style they like.

Thank you, Thomas, for visiting us at Adventure Cycling. Safe travels!

Post by Brink Kuchenbrod


Steve June 25, 2016, 10:44 PM

Met Thomas at a screening of Inspired to Ride (watch it if you haven't yet, directed by a fellow high school grad from '86, it follows the TABR from 2014) in Portland, OR. Nicest guy ever and not a worry in the world about how long he took, but enjoyed the experience!!

Bill June 25, 2016, 9:01 AM

There's a very appropriate saying in the hiking world - "Last one to the end wins!".

Thomas is clearly winning!

Steve Cox June 24, 2016, 4:51 PM

Congratulations Thomas! You finished in the position that I strive for in the future. Good job. I like the look of your bike and gear!

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