Koga Signature Traveller KS-TR 28

November 6, 2015

The first week of daylight saving time has been pretty lame. It reminds me that darkness descends fast, and cold weather is right there with it. This doesn't mean the end of the cycling season, but it does provide a solid week to transition into a winter riding mindset. There are also winter clothes and bike lights to dig out of various bins in the basement. 

Anyway, to help ease the change, I've spent some time in the garage fixing up a few bikes that have been neglected, and most importantly, plotting my next bike acquisition.

Koga Signature Traveller KS-TR 28

This past summer I had the chance to spend some time aboard a Koga Signature Traveller KS-TR 28, and I'm having serious regrets about sending that bike away after the testing period. The bike was reviewed in the August/September 2015 issue of Adventure Cyclist, which you can find in our publications archive.

Koga Signature is an appropriate name, since your signature can be found on the bike in more ways than one. For starters, your name, or whatever you want, is written on the top tube. Sure, you could do that to any old bike with a sharpie, but this is a bit classier and painted underneath the clear coat so it won't scratch off.

When you buy a Koga Signature bike, you have free range within your budget to pick and choose just about every component and accessory. From the drivetrain on down to the water bottles, the end product is as unique as you.

Once you place your order, Koga Signature bikes are hand assembled in Holland, and can be shipped right to your door. Jump on over to Koga's online custom order page and see what you can build for yourself. And that's exactly what I'll be doing over these next few days.


Photos by Josh Tack

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