Knog Boomer Light

January 4, 2013

This is the season for bike lights, and if you didn't score a new light over the holidays, there's a good budget friendly, and very useful light from Knog called the Boomer. The brightest LED light currently available from Knog, it throws out a solid 50 lumens. At this power output, you shouldn't expect to turn night time into day, but you can expect a descent spread of light in front of you to be able to see obstacles in the road, even with city and traffic lights dimming its power.

For rides outside of town, this light can still hold its own pretty well. I've used it for some light trail riding this past winter, and by itself, it can guide you pretty well. With a 3.5 hour burn time, it has plenty of juice to get you through most night rides.

Like most Knog lights, it has a silicon shell, which loops itself around your handlebars. It's super low-profile, and minimal maintenance. The light runs on two AAA batteries, but I would recommend going for the USB rechargeable option, which has a slightly larger power output at 55 lumens, and will save you some money in the absence of batteries.

The battery version of the light rings in at $30, while the USB version will set you back $40. There are some packages that offer a front and rear light combo. Also, don't forget that you've got six colors to choose from! I think it's hard to beat blue.

Photo courtesy of Knog


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Unknown January 4, 2013, 4:25 PM

I use one of these, and it's a great to be seen light! I opted for the AAA version because I can carry spare batteries. Another plus is my tail light also uses AAA bats, so I can just carry one type of spares.

What's really cool is that when the bats are dead with this light, a red LED lights up and tells you it's time to change bats!

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