Interactive Route Network Map

December 12, 2013

Planning and plotting your next bicycle travel trip? Might you want to use a mixture of the Adventure Cycling route network maps to get you from point A to point B on this journey? I can honestly say with the new interactive route map our IT deparment put together, it has never been easier than it is today to make this happen.

overview map pointer

When you click on Overview Map you are taken to a map that displays our entire network, showing how it intersections with itself. But that's not the exciting new, whiz-bang part. When you click on the individual route lines, a pop-up box appears with the route name, route section number, mileage and endpoints, a link to the route description, and a link to Cyclosource, our online store, where you can add the map to your shopping cart.

popup example

The default view of this map includes every route in the network, but you also have the power to highlight the different routes to meet your needs or toggle them off and on via the tick boxes below the map. (see list below)

For those of you who prefer to have a paper map to doodle and take notes on, there is still a PDF version of the Route Network map available to download and print. (see red arrow below)

locate pdf and route conditions

Once you are out on the road, this map has an additional feature that allows different pieces of information such as weather and wildfire reports to be displayed so you can gauge how these things might impact your tour. Simply click on the link at the bottom of the page to have the map reload with those supplemental route condition layer options. (see purple arrow above)

So load up the map and click around to create your next bicycle tour!

GEOPOINTS BULLETIN is written by Jennifer 'Jenn' Milyko, an Adventure Cycling cartographer, and appears weekly, highlighting curious facts, figures, and persons from the Adventure Cycling Route Network with tips and hints for personal route creation thrown in for good measure. She also wants to remind you that map corrections and comments are always welcome via the online Map Correction Form.


Arlen Hall January 3, 2014, 4:34 PM


The interactive map has our Adventure Cycling bike route network but does not contain our guided tour routes. We provide unique guided-tour experiences that allow our tour routes to change frequently so it would not be as useful. If you email me seperately, I can share our Death Valley tour route with you privately.

Happy Trails

Michele December 12, 2013, 6:20 PM

I'd love to preview the interactive map but our trip, Death Valley Loop 2 isn't on it. Suggestions?

Alfred December 12, 2013, 12:23 PM

I strongly suggest using this feature. It is helpful and meantime fun

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