Help Us Steer the Ship into 2016

December 16, 2015

                                     Before your first bike overnight you wonder:
Is bike travel going to be like this?                                            Or like this?


When I stood over my loaded bike for the first time at Acadia’s Echo Lake parking lot, I thought, "I won’t be riding a bike as much as I will be steering a small ship."

I had invited myself on my friend Brendan’s weekend trip from Acadia National Park to Portland, Maine and, while trying to keep my bike from tipping over, was beginning to question my decision.

Yet, by the second day, it felt like — well — riding a bike. Thanks to Brendan and that weekend trip, I discovered I could navigate my small ship around potholes, up hills, and come to a complete stop in one piece, and in front of the stop sign.


Not every aspiring cyclist has a Brendan that they can tap to show them the ropes of bike travel. That’s why, when we announced our first annual Bike Travel Weekend, June 3-5, 2016, we created a place where people could register their trips and invite others to join them. Already, over 140 people have listed their travel plans on our Find A Bike Overnight page. What better way to help people new to bike travel ease into their first tour?

We can't do this work without you! Your support makes this work possible and empowers people to load up their bikes and strike out on new adventures.


For another two weeks, our Holiday Trailblazers — a group of people like you who are committed to bike travel — will match your donation! That means your support goes twice as far, as long as you make the commitment to supporting bike travel now.

National Bike Travel Weekend is only one piece of the pie we have in store for 2016. To find out more about how your support is going to make 2016 the biggest year of bike travel yet, check out:

These programs, in addition to creating more bicycle routes, making the best cycling maps available, and creating an inspiring new issues of Adventure Cyclist, mean we have a big ship to steer next year!

“Yes," you say, "But how can I support bike travel AND keep my feet fashion-forward and warm?”

Easy! Donate $250-499 and we’ll send you these amazing, retro Bikecentennial 76 socks.

Support us with a donation of $100-249 to get a set of eight notecards by artist and Adventure Cycling Life Member, Judy Cureton. Judy made the original woodcut prints after she rode in the ‘76 Bikecenntenial ride and was kind enough to let us use them. Find out more about Judy here.

Trying to keep your coffee warm on your ride to work and support Adventure Cycling? Donate $500-999 and look no further. This sleek 40th Anniversary canteen by Hydroflask keeps 21 ounces of coffee hot for 12 hours and iced coffee cold for 24. Best of all, it fits in your water bottle holder.   


Donate $1,000 or more and be one of the first to receive the stunning TransAm coffee table book written and designed by co-founder Greg Siple and writer Mac McCoy.

Help us go confidently into 2016! Support Adventure Cycling today!

Illustrations: Greg Siple | Photo 1: Missoula in Motion | Sock Model: Emma Wimmer | Words: April Cypher


The Thomas Stevens Fan Club is brought to you by the development team, Annette, April, and Michelle. They share an office with a classic Parisian Metropole bicycle. Want to know more about how you can support Adventure Cycling and all the amazing work they do? Call them at 406-532-2760 or email them at


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