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March 28, 2016

It’s that time of year again! With spring knocking on winter’s door, grab Adventure Cycling route maps, and start spinning across the sunny countryside. View this map of our almost 45,000 miles of mapped routes!

We’ve assembled some quotes about our most popular routes for your reading pleasure. If you’ve got thoughts of your own on these or any other routes, head over to our online Cyclosource store and leave a “Review” so that others might benefit from your perspective. 

Pacific Coast:

“The experience of riding 700 miles over 14 days, camping near beaches, going to sleep hearing crashing waves, forgetting my work password, and forgetting the day of the week allowed me to come back feeling a little younger physically and mentally.  It also helped re-prioritize the rest of my life.” – Tour Participant


“I bought the complete set of TransAm maps. The quality is excellent: rainproof and strong. The information is detailed and looks very adequate. The elevation profile and field notes add much to a detailed and pratical preparation of the tour.”
– A Customer from Holland

“For various reasons I've gone "off route" on some of my travels with ACA maps, choosing what I thought were comparable roads. In every case, I've encountered roads with more traffic, poor shoulders, more commercial trucks, or some combination of all of these. In short order one develops a deep trust in ACA maps that frees the mind to know they have the best routes out there already in place. Thank you for all the research and attention to detail!”
– Carl McDonald

“Truly, there is nothing about this tour that I did not love. As cliche as this sounds, it was the best experience of my life and truly a once in a lifetime experience. Steve Orie was the best leader in the history of great leaders, the camaraderie in the group was spectacular, and of course, the scenery was incredible. Anyone I talk to about the Transamerica will receive a hearty, “Just do it!”
– Tour Participant

Great Divide:

“It was really well done and provided enough landmarks and points of interest that we rarely questioned the route. The section marked for 4 wheel drive was not kidding. That was stunningly rough. Fun on the bike but the backup vehicle really got a work out. Amazing detail though, and it allowed me to see a part of the state I would have never ventured into otherwise. Thanks for that. Well worth the money.”

“I have ridden the GDMBR until Cuba, NM between Aug 15th and Sept 14th. I really would like to encourage people who hesitate to ride this trail to do it! What an adventure! Regarding the maps, the maps sold by the ACA are a precious tool that help to find your way easily. They are really useful and cannot expect a better quality.”

“I was already impressed with the Adventure Cycling TransAm routes, but despite their accuracy, I was still skeptical on how well they would route a dirt trail. Turns out, the Great Divide route is just as easy to follow as any of their road routes, and has all the bike specific information you come to expect. I purchased the route from Banff all the way to the US/Mexico border, and they are accurate all the way through. The addenda are great peace of mind that you're getting the most up to date information, and the customer service at the main office is outstanding. If there's something I can't figure out, I can always give them a call and get some advice.”

“I have walked the Appalachian Trail, I have biked solo across the U.S., I have paddled most of the Mississippi River. The Great Divide ranks right up there with these other adventures. Overcrowding on the AT is making it less and less an experience of wilderness. Thus, comes the Great Divide bike trail to the rescue. The differences between the hiking and the biking make the Great Divide unique enough so as to light fires in the imaginations of those who hear about what it all has to offer. . . . In time the Divide biker will experience what the AT hiker calls ‘trail magic,’ a sort of nebulous definition of the serendipitous good things that happen along the way.” – Rich O’Brien

Northern Tier:

“I rode from Anacortes, WA to Palmyra, NY in 2009. These maps are absolutely the best!! These maps ensure good roads and take the ‘gamble’ out of finding a place to camp for the night. The only time I got ‘lost’ was when I thought I saw a better route than was on the map!!”

“I just love these maps. This trip changed my life!”

“I used the Northern Tier maps in 2010; I found campsites and motels, and services that I needed.  Whenever I thought I'd found a better route than AC's, I learned something about why your maps are better (I tried following the western shoreline of Michigan rather than going inland, on my route north from Ohio to Ludington!).  There's a reason you don't do that.” – Claudia Gibson

Now get out there and create your own memorable adventure. Don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us how things went — we welcome all constructive feedback. Have a great summer and remember: rubber side down.

1st photo by Greg Siple | Bottom photo by Rachel Stevens


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