Good Hands! Showers Pass Crosspoint All-Weather Gloves

January 12, 2015

It’s been said before, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Winter can push many bikes into garages waiting for another season of warm dry weather. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right clothing, winter can be an amazing time to ride! The people at Showers Pass know how to make that happen.

Showers Pass, a Portland based company dedicated to inclimate weather clothing for cyclists, has designed a winter glove to keep you riding and comfortable throughout the fall, winter, and early spring seasons.

The Crosspoint softshell glove is a waterproof softshell glove designed to withstand rain, snow, and wind. The key difference is that Showers Pass uses OutDry technology providing a waterproof, breathable fabric. OutDry is different than most waterproof barrier materials. In most waterproof gloves, there is a waterproof liner underneath the outer material. Although waterproof, the design allows water to make its way into the glove between the outer shell and the inner liner. The result: gloves stay wet and heavy. Outdry is different in that the waterproof barrier is fused directly to the inside of the outer glove shell. This design keeps any water from penetrating past the outer layer. Gloves repel water at the outside layer, keeping all insulation dry and light. Consequently, hands stay warm.

I’ve been fortunate enough to use a pair of the Showers Pass Crosspoint softshell gloves here in Montana for over a year now and they have proven to perform as promised. Hands stay warm and dry during those rainy snowy rides to and from the Adventure Cycling office. The form-fitting design helps with finger dexterity allowing full use and function for bicycle operation.

We here at Adventure Cycling’s Cyclosource chose to carry the Showers Pass Crosspoint softshell all-weather glove for its fit and function as a waterproof, cold-weather glove. Give them a try and I think you’ll be comfortably surprised.

You can purchase a pair of Showers Pass Crosspoint softshell all-weather gloves from the Cyclosource online store or call us here at Adventure Cycling: 1-800-721-8719.

Photos by Geoff McMillion

CYCLO NOTES is brought to you every Monday morning by Adventure Cycling's Cyclosource team — Teri, Patrick, and Geoff.


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