Gifts for Bike Lovers.

November 26, 2012

The holidays are here, so I thought that I would let you in on my favorite gifts for the bike lovers in my life. All of these gifts (except for number five) I have actually purchased for bicycle enthusiasts ...

1. Walnut Six Pack Holder -- I don't think my bearded manfriend has ever been as popular as when he started riding around town carrying tasty brews on his bike. People ask him ALL the time where he got this six pack holder. Trust me, you wanna be responsible for gifts this awesome.

2. Hans Bagworks Bike Map Wallet -- Being a freshman in college, my brother doesn't have too much to store in this wallet. But he has made a couple friends from conversations about his Hans Bagworks wallet that's made from Adventure Cycling bicycle maps, and that's way more valuable than dolla dolla bills.

Hans Bagworks also lives up to their namesake by making incredible bags!

3. Adventure Cycling Silipint -- I LOVE these things. Seriously. I am the reason we started carrying them at Adventure Cycling -- I love them so much, I convinced our Sales Department we needed them.

A couple years ago, I ran a half marathon and the trophy wasn't a medal or a t-shirt, it was one of these. And now I'm hooked. They are so light, yet sturdy. My friends and I throw them in our bags all the time. It's always nice to show up to a keg event with your own reusable pint glass.

Also, they're silicone so they can do so many amazing things! They can even be used as a pot-holder! Seems like they could quickly become a bike touring staple.

4. Adventure Cycling Trucker Hat -- If you want a super sweet hat and also want to support your favorite bicycle-travel non-profit, have we got the thing for you. These things are flying like hot-cakes, though, so act quickly!

5. Anything from Swift Industries -- I haven't bought anything (yet) from Swift Industries, but I desperately want almost everything they make. ( cough, cough, hint, hint, to my loved ones.) They are a two-person company based in Seattle making some insanely rad panniers and bags. It's a Wish List topper, for sure.

You can find a review of a couple Swift bags in the October/November issue of Adventure Cyclist.

No matter what you give or get, I hope you find joy every day in the adventure of this time of year!

ART. ADVENTURE. AWESOMENESS. wishes to bring enthusiasm to your second and fourth Monday of every month. This column is written by Rachel Stevens, a graphic designer at  Adventure Cycling Association.


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