Fat Bike February

January 31, 2017

Fat Bike February is here!

Show @AdventureCycling your fat bike love by tagging your fattest photos with #fatbikefeb and #adventurecycling. Here are a few of our Instagram favorites and fat bike stories! Enjoy.

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Helpful info on the benefits of fat biking and where to ride:

5 Reasons Fat Biking Can Make You a Better Rider

by Michael Paul

It’s no secret that fat biking has exploded across the country, even in places that don’t have much snow or sand. Is fatter better? A lot of riders find themselves fat-bike-curious, wanting to try bloated tires, just to see if there really is something to big tires, or if it’s just hype. Here are five reasons that riding a fat bike may actually make any rider a better one–year round–on any bike. Read more.

10 of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US

by Greg Heil

While the number of fat bike-specific trails continues to grow, high quality trails maintained for fat biking are still relatively few and far between. Here are 10 of the best fat bike trails that we’ve been able to track down in the United States in 2015. Read more.

How to Fat Bike in the Snow with Kiddos

by Michael Paul
Winter is almost over, but spring conditions in certain parts of the country are a great time to get the kids out for some last minute snow adventures since it is generally warmer. It is also a great alternative activity for families who travel to the mountains for spring break, but don’t have the legs for seven straight days of skiing. Read more.

IN PRAISE OF BIG RUBBER - A chat with wide-tire evangelist Jeff Jones

by Alex Strickland

“I 100 percent believe that for all the people riding around on 700c x 45mm tires, if we could magically make their bikes take (Schwalbe) Supermotos or Big Apples and air them up right, they’d be having the best ride of their lives.” Read more.

Fat biking the Knik

by Dan Bailey

A fat biking adventure in one of the largest ice fields in Southcentral Alaska, the Knik Glacier. A popular 20-mile round-trip day ride for
Anchorage fatbikers. Read more.

Fat Bike Trails: Where to Ride in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

By Alexandra Malloy

From the heart of Philadelphia to the woods of Maine, fat tire-biking has made a name for itself due to its appeal to riders of all abilities, in all seasons. Tom Stuessy, executive director of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, has seen the pastime boom in the last two to three years in both sales and trail access. “I think it’s another way to embrace the winter season; [and fat biking] is super friendly to beginner riders and families [and] to advanced riders,” Stuessy says. “As access expands, the hurdles of getting into the sport have been eliminated.” Whether you’re in the city or the country, fat bike trails abound. Here are seven top spots in AMC’s region. Read more.




It's a skinny if you're on a #fatbike. Also that weird blankie is still there.

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Pumpin' my Rhino on the rear. @fatbackbikesak #fatbackbikes #fatbike #getkillershot @getkillershot

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Cool video:

Top Nicholas Carman


Don’t miss our 2018 Fat Bike Buyer’s Guide. Wondering about tire sizes, rim sizes, frame materials, accessories, brakes, or even whether suspension on fat bikes might be a good idea? Phew. Let Nick Legan and Alex Strickland break it down for you.

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