Discover the Columbia River Gorge

March 17, 2015

This tour is a week-long, fully supported bike tour that explores the Columbia River, the North Oregon and Southern Washington Cascade Mountains and Central Oregon near the lower Deschutes River. We will ride around or near three Cascade volcano peaks; Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. During the tour, the route will take us through lush Cascade forests and the stark Central Oregon high desert, along the tumbling rapids of the Deschutes River and beside the mighty Columbia River.

View of Mt St Helens from the lunch stop
Campsite with Bridge of the Gods in the background

The Columbia River formed its deep gorge when it cut through the Cascade Mountains during the Missoula Floods. This tour takes us through this gorge, and we will have the opportunity to visit the Gorge Discovery Center and Bonneville Dam, stop to see the famous Multnomah Falls, ride up the twisty Rowena Curves and view the gorge from its western end at the Crown Point Vista Center.

Kathy Jordan working on another great tasting breakfast

At the eastern end of the gorge, we will ride through the Mosier Tunnels, part of the original highway along the Columbia. This was built back in the 30’s, and has been restored into a pedestrian and bike path, with scenic viewpoints at every turn. On the western end of the gorge, we will ride the newly completed and beautiful Columbia Gorge Scenic Bikeway.

Crown Point from the Women's Forum Viewpoint

Other world famous sights to be seen on this tour include Mt. St. Helens, the rafting and fishing of the Deschutes River, Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, the numerous waterfalls along the Gorge and crossing the Columbia on the picturesque Bridge of the Gods on the last day.

View of the Columbia River Gorge from Crown Point

As an event tour, this tour will feature the full support consisting of great tasting catered meals, luggage transport, rest and lunch stops, a bike mechanic and great camping locations. A hotel option at optional cost is also available. So don’t miss out - come join us for a challenging and rewarding tour during the week of June 20 – 27, 2015!

Post by Pete Strause & Darrah Rogers |  All photos courtesy Pete Strause 

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Barbara March 18, 2015, 6:09 PM

Thanks for sharing these beautiful views. This is an inspiration to all nature lovers and nevertheless seen the views of Mt St Helens, Bridge of the Gods, Columbia River Gorge. These views are spectacular. It will be great to join all of you on this tours.

Thank you

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